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Let me give you Jayram Shukla as a light example

He’s middle aged man who worked in the construction industry in New Delhi. For years, he suffered from multiple skin issues. He has tried various pharmaceutical approaches, and found them very harsh.

And then he found “this ancient healing method” and described it as totally beautiful, even called it “oasis”. His complaints of irritation has been replaced by a calmness and relaxation.

Here’s Anil Gupta, a man with a heart issue

Once, he suffered from a heart attack, was operated and stents were applied to his heart. He felt sick again and was put in ventilator for 3 to 4 days. His son searched for a better way to help him become stable in his day to day living.

And that’s when they found “this ancient healing practice”. From a heart ejection fraction (measurement of blood pumped from the heart with each heartbeat) of 28%, he’s improved to 32… 34… 38… and now 40%. He now says he feels much better, and that his infection and allergy (that has developed) has been alleviated.

How about Pranav Sharma, who’s been suffering from issues with his stomach for a long time

He’s been so much tired and fed up by his stomach disease. Because even after consulting so many doctors, he felt that they’re not able to get over his case properly.

Then, he found a doctor that practices “this ancient healing method”. They found out what was really wrong with him, and he was prescribed a 3 month long treatment. Although skeptical, he complied.

After just 1 month, he got very good results. From having the feeling of not being able to do things in his daily life properly, and not being able to focus… he now described his life as being great.

Here’s Radhika Lalwani, an elderly womanfrom Mumbai

Who described her life as being “tensed, and burdened by the world” – and after understanding this “ancient healing method” – she stated that she can now manage her issues peacefully.

Science has proven – a fit body leads to better thinking capacity, and helps in the release of “happy” hormones.

Finally, let’s look at Mrs. Kulwinder’s
account of her husband’s case

Her husband had a tumor in his leg and was told it had to be amputated. At first, he was given chemotherapy, but that made him extremely weak – he could not get up, speak nor eat. He pushed until the third session of his chemotherapy until they sought out an alternative.

And that’s when they stumbled upon this “this ancient healing method”. After a month of treatment, his appetite increased, he’s able to sleep, and get up on his own.

These are just some of the few issues “this ancient healing method” can improve…

So, what is this method we’re talking about?

Let me introduce to you the ancient healing method of Ayurveda.

According to records in Vedic texts, the practice of Ayurveda dates back to as early as even before 5000 B.C. These texts originated in Ancient India and are considered to be sacred by the Vedic religion.

One known legend about the origin of Ayurveda involves the founder of surgical medicine named, Sushruta. According to the legend, Sushruta and other sages approached the god of Ayurveda who is known as Dhanvantari. In return, the god Dhanvantari imparted to them the wisdom of Ayurveda in order to release mankind from the suffering brought about by diseases.

Ayurveda is also designed to promote creative growth and human happiness so as to keep the processes of physical deterioration in slow pace thus reducing diseases. The very concept that Ayurveda adheres to can simply be stated as: the individual is capable of self-healing.

So, how do you take advantage of this ancient healing practice? With the subject being wide, deep and complex… you can always resort to the internet to research more about it. But you know that it takes time to dig into a lot of materials online.

That’s why we created something to help you save time, money and effort when it comes to finding out more about Ayurveda.


Here’s a Peek on
What You’ll Find Inside This Course:

  • Chapter 1: What Is Ayurveda? All You Need To Know
  • Chapter 2: Fundamentals Of Ayurveda: Five Elements And Three Doshas Or Humors
  • Chapter 3: What Is Your Ayurvedic Physical And Mental Constitution?
  • Chapter 4: Why Do We Really Get Sick? Root Causes Of Sickness And Secrets Of Health
  • Chapter 5: Self Diagnosis: How To Examine Yourself And Avoid Diseases
  • Chapter 6: How To Stay Healthy Using The Ancient Science Of Ayurveda
  • Chapter 7: List Of Common Illnesses And Their Ayurvedic Home Remedies
  • Chapter 8: Ayurvedic Diet And Fasting To Have A Long And Healthy Life
  • Chapter 9: Pancha Karma: The Five Cleansing And Purification Techniques Of Ayurveda
  • Chapter 10: Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Daily Routine To Live Your Life The Ayurveda Way

As you can see, we have every essential fundamentals of Ayurveda in this course. This helps you understand the subject better, and faster… so you could apply it to your life as you see fit.

It’s Time For You To Enjoy Better Health, Mental Focus, Peace, Slowed Aging, and a Balanced Way of Living…

With the rise of diseases all over the world – you could simply say the world is getting sicker by the moment.

The question is WHY?

Despite all technological advances, modern medicine and state-of-the-art hospital equipments, why does it seem that people have a much bigger baggage in terms of their health?

Isn’t it the right time you have an understanding about these?

Good health can be defined not only as the absence of disease, but a state of having a sense of balance emotionally, physically and mentally. Balance, seems to be the “it” thing nowadays as it is becoming such a rare thing to behold.

Stress, on the other hand, being one of the most apparent manifestations of imbalance is so common it has become a household name.

The price of disease nowadays is excruciating. It means diminishing bank accounts, time away from loved ones, grief, sadness and sometimes, even death.

Taking control of your life and taking the necessary precaution is still the best option. This is the point where the science of Ayurveda comes into play.

Now, you can say goodbye to feeling helpless and clueless about your health and overall well-being.

If you imagine yourself getting sick often… you know that the hospital and medical bills would cost you a fortune.

If you always feel stressed, and out of focus… your work and productivity becomes affected which in turns loses you money.

“Health fads” today costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, yet, not all of them have the history and proven track record like Ayurveda.

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