On this last day, I bring you some of my work, which gives 100% positive results and I trust you not to share this with anyone.

Hoodoo Love Spell

On a Friday when the moon is in its waxing phase and the hour of the day or night is ruled by the planet Venus, place a lucky hand root (the root of an orchid plant) in a small jar filled with rose oil. Seal the jar with a lid, and then enchant it by thrice reciting the following magickal incantation:

Waxing moon and Venus hour,

Charge this root with mystic power.

Let it work without ado,

And draw to me a love so true.

Allow the root to soak in the rose oil for seven consecutive days and nights. On the following Friday when the hour of the day or night is again ruled by Venus, take the lucky hand from the jar of oil and wear it, every day and night, close to your heart.

To ensure that the enchanted lucky hand root does not lose its magickal potency, be sure to anoint it with three drops of the rose oil every Friday during a Venus-ruled hour.

The lucky hand (which is also known as a hand of power, helping hand, and salap) is said to be ruled by Venus and sacred to the goddess after whom this planet is named. It is a popular root among practitioners of hoodoo folk magick in and around the city of New Orleans.

You can use this spell for clients who come to you with a love issue. Prepare the root and place it in a mojo bag to give your client. He/she should feed the root with 3 drops of any love oil (you can give them this too), every Friday, appropriate time between 12pm and 3am. This is a really effective spell, which has worked 100% with my clients.

Court Case Spell

This is another spell which has worked with my clients 100%, provided they are not using it unethically to harm anyone.

Prepare this only on a new moon night. Mix tobacco with some salt, let it soak well. Take a black candle, anoint it with court room oil, and rub the soaked tobacco on it. Light this candle before the court case starts. The result will be 100% positive.

To give to your clients: Prepare the tobacco, oil and a black candle, as a package and give it to your client. Tell him/her to do the procedure before the court case starts. The client has to do the anointing and lighting of the candle. The tobacco should be prepared by the practitioner with a clean heart, and on a new moon night. You can prepare this in bulk and store it.

To Call a Spirit

Using dragon’s blood ink, write upon a piece of dried bark from a tree the name of the person whose spirit you wish to summon. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the bark and then mix it with an equal amount of dried and crushed sandalwood.

At the witching hour when the moon is on the wane, place a cauldron at a deserted crossroads and burn the bark mixture within it. Call upon the goddess Hecate to assist you in this rite, and then summon the spirit by thrice reciting the following incantation:

Spirit of the dead,

I call you to me

By the power of goddess Hecate.

Hear me, o spirit,

Awaken from thy rest.

In human form now manifest!

The spirit will appear in a form you can see, I do this to call my grandmother, who died when I was 26 years old, and she was 104 years old. You can create a crossroad by placing twigs in 4 directions. What I normally do is this, when I am in India or in my home in Malaysia, where there is a courtyard.

I take 4 pieces of cut wood, the ones used to do barbecue. Not the polished ones. I place them in 4 directions. Then I place 3 bricks in the middle, and my pot on top of it. I add all the crushed stuff into it and burn it.  

I place the wood like this
This is how I place the 3 bricks and the pot on top of this.

In Dubai, I live in an apartment, and here it is very risky doing magickal work. But I do it this way:

On my balcony, I place a 2 inch of sand (very easily available here)

You can use the sand from the beach or buy from any construction materials shop, I think. Then on top of that I place the 4 wood pieces to symbolize crossroads. In the center I keep the pot in which we burn incense, this is also commonly used here, because Arabs burn bakhoor. And so it does not look odd even if someone sees it. Then I burn all the crushed stuff in the pot. The 4 elements of nature are present here, as must be in all magickal work. The dragon’s blood ink represents water, sand represents the earth, fire and air, are present when you burn the materials.

One strong reminder and advice

I NEVER do anything to harm anyone, NEVER. Because it is forbidden in the Wiccan religion I follow, and as I have taken an oath at my initiation.

Leave it to the Gods to do the punishments, it is not your job. Always remember the 3 fold law. It states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times.

Casting a Health Spell for Another Person


Something that represents the other person

Sprig of sage

Eucalyptus oil

1 gold candle

1 purple or violet candle

You can use a photograph of the person or an object the individual has lent or given you. Set it in the middle of your work area or altar, with a candle on either side of it, and the oil burner behind it.

Smudge your work area first and also smudge the object that represents the other person. Pour several drops of eucalyptus oil into your burner. Light it, then light the candles. After a moment of reflection in which you fix the person’s face and being in your mind, say:

As the oil and candles burn,

Illness gone and health return,

For my (state relationship and name)

Who is yearning,

And so deserving.

Blow out the candle in the oil burner. Let the other two candles burn down naturally, then discard everything outside your property.

I do this for anyone who comes to me with a health issue. Minor issues like back pain, migranes, tiredness, depression, are remedied by this spell. But always advice your client to go for medical treatment, remember you are not a doctor, you are just an energy channel of the Universe.

Before casting a spell for a client, ask their permission, explain the way of magick, tell them it is not in your hands to make the spell work. Be honest. Never give any guarantee, for you are not the one who makes the spell work. Remember if a person is suffering, there might be an unknown reason for it, either physical, emotional or psychic.

Road Opener Magick

This is something I do very often for clients and has worked 100%. You can try the same for yourself or for clients.

To promote new opportunities in all aspects of your life. To clear your path to good things ahead. Perfect for when you’re about to take a leap of faith or when you need more confidence in the future.

You Will Need –


Boneset Herb – to promote new opportunities, to open the road ahead and clear roadblocks that might stand in your way. This is actually the only herb you need for this magick powder. This family of herbs is so magickally powerful that it is often called “Abrecaminos” in Spanish – which translates almost perfectly into “Road Opener”!

​Other Items:

Mortar and Pestle – for grinding your herbal ingredients into a fine powder.

Mini-Mason Jar – or other suitable container. For storing your Road Opener magick powder. Mini mason jars are recommended because they offer a wide mouth for easy pouring.

1 White Candle – to invoke the energy of the White Cloaked Santa Muerte of protection and harmony.

Powder Instructions –

At your Santa Muerte altar in the glow of the white candle’s flame, grind your desired amount of boneset herb into a powder.

As you grind the herb, recite and meditate on the Road Opener Santa Muerte magick prayer found below. Praying over the herb while you grind it into a powder will help you focus the energy of your magick toward the desired intent of opening roads and destroying obstacles.  Be careful of breathing in the dust of the herb as you grind, as it may cause irritation.

Transfer to the mini-mason jar or other container, and leave in the light of your white candle until the candle burns to completion. Label the jar or container.

To use powder, recite the Road Opener Santa Muerte magick prayer, found below, as you sprinkle in areas associated with open roads and overcoming obstacles. Sprinkle a pinch in each shoe so you may always walk on open roads. As you walk out the front door before you start a new day, toss a pinch in front of your path to clear surprise obstacles ahead. Sprinkle over the walking path that leads to your business to make sure the road is open for new clients and customers.


Road Opener Magick Powder

Castor Carrier Oil

Other Items:

​Mini-Mason Jar – for storing your road opener magick oil. Mini mason jars are recommended because they offer a wide mouth for easy pouring. Also, small batches are recommended because magick oil has a shelf life, so you shouldn’t make more than you intend on using over the next few months.

1 White Candle – to invoke the energy of the White Cloaked Santa Muerte of peace and harmony.

Oil Instructions –

At your Santa Muerte altar in the glow of the white candle’s flame, combine in your mini-mason jar or other magick oil container Road Opener Magick Powder and castor carrier oil. There is no rule as to how much powder you should add to the oil, but a ratio of about 10% powder to 90% oil will do just fine.

Stir or mix until all dry powder is incorporated. As you do that, continue to recite the Road Opener Santa Muerte magick prayer (found below) over your potion while meditating on the intent of opening roads and destroying obstacles.

Leave in the light of your white candle until the candle burns to completion. Label the jar or container.

Store your new batch of magick oil for at least 10 days in a cool, dark place before use to allow the carrier oil enough time to absorb the energies of the dry ingredient. During this time, you can periodically mix the ingredients as you pray the Road Opener magick prayer and focus on the magickal intent behind the potion. Your oil is ready for magickal work after the 10th day. Continue to store in a cool, dark place when not in use.

To use oil, recite the below Road Opener Santa Muerte magick prayer as you anoint areas and items associated with open roads and overcoming obstacles. Anoint the rims and steering wheel of your car before driving to important meetings or interviews. Anoint the edges of business cards before handing out to potential clients or customers. Anoint a pen or pencil before taking an important test. Anoint a white candle and burn as an offering to the Santa Muerte.

Road Opener Santa Muerte Magick Prayer

Santa Muerte, Saint of Death,

clear for me, the road ahead.

Let obstacles be pushed aside,

remove roadblocks from my life.

Santa Muerte, walk with me,

make my road open and free.

In your name, amen.

Most Potent Love Spell

This is a spell I cast for those who have relationship issues, marriage not happening, marital problems etc. You can do this for clients, who has any relationship or love issues, like straying husband, straying wife, stop divorce etc.

First you need to prepare the candle, yes it is a candle spell.

On a new moon night, between 12 am and 3 am, prepare a red jar candle. Add come to me oil or attraction oil to the wax when you are making the candle. Top the candle with rose petals, clear quartz crystals, lemon grass herbs, while concentrating on the work and saying the prayer given below. Keep this candle on your altar for 3 days and nights. The practitioner should do it with very strong intend. Ask for your client’s photograph, so you can visualize him/her during the ritual.

You can give this to your client and ask him/her to keep a photo of the desired person under the jar candle and light it for 15 minutes for 41 days. When the top of the candle starts melting, every day, he/she should add 3 drops of the come to me oil or attraction oil.

Gods Of Power

Gods Of Love

Hear Me Out

Loud And Clear

Grant (name of client)

The Object Of Her/His

Purest Love

And May They Unite For Ever More

So Be It

Thank you Gods Of Power

Gods Of Love

So your client should have one candle and one oil from you.

This has given me 100% positive results with more than 200 clients from all over the world, even in most difficult situations. (One was a 60 year old lady who desired a 25 year old man, this lady later became my very close friend, and has been living with the same guy for more than 5 years now.)

You can make the candle yourself or you can order from me


These are all very personal information, please do not share with anyone.

An it harm none, do what ye will.