Sugar can damage our skin because of something called glycaton. Smokers also tend to suffer from baggy and droopy eyes far more so than non-smokers. Knowing the importance of our skin and how it works can be a vital element in preventing ageing from showing up on it.

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For centuries, humans have been obsessed with beauty and youth. We have tried everything from practices we still use today to some off the wall things that might make one cringe in order to maintain a youthful appearance. With the technology that we have at our disposal now, looking and feeling great is almost down to a science.


In this 3 Day workshop, we will show you the ways to prevent aging, and some solutions for common issues faced by most people.


How to attend?

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There is no need to be online during the class timings. You will receive links to the class material, which you can access at any time. You will also recieve a certificate of participation on the 3rd day of class..





10 am- The Importance of Taking Care of Your Skin.


11 am- Staying out of the Sun, for Health’s Sake.


12 pm- Bad Habits to Avoid to Prevent Aging and Preserve Youthfulness.


1 pm- The Best Foods to Eat to Prevent Premature Aging.


2 pm- Best Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Anti-Aging.


3 pm- Stress-Relief Tips for Preventing Aging and Preserving Youthfulness.


4 pm- How Hydration Helps Us Stay Youthful.


5 pm- Maintaining an Active Lifestyle to Stay Youthful and Combat Aging.


6 pm- Supporting Your Gastro-intestinal Health to Prevent Aging.


7 pm- The Dangers of Sugar and How to Enjoy Your Sweet Tooth While Managing an Anti-Aging Lifestyle.


10 am- Controlling How Fast (or Slowly) You Age


11 am- Fine Tuning Your Mental Clarity daily


12 pm- Staying Off Depression to Prevent Wrinkles and Disease


1 pm-  Keeping Your Body Active and Mobile


2 pm- Preventing Your Age from Showing Up on Your Face


3 pm- Helping Your Hair Hang onto Its Youthful Appearance


4 pm-  Keep Your Hands Looking Younger


5 pm- Treating the Embarrassing Issue of Incontinence


6 pm- Sexual Dysfunction


7 pm- Preventing and Treating Other Common Ailments of Aging


10 am- The Evolution of Your Anti Aging Plans


11 am- Analyzing Your Anti Aging Needs


12 pm- Adopt a Good Beauty and Skincare Regimen


1 pm-  Watching Your Weight as You Grow Older


2 pm- Certificates