The Real Code Of Law Of Attraction

Take a look at everything around you. All of the buildings, the cars, the roads the airplanes flying overhead. All of these things were a thought in someone’s head before they became real. There is no getting away from this. The reason that we enjoy so many advancements in today’s life is due to the thoughts of others.

Quan Yin Violet Flame Reiki Level I,II,III & IV

You can see her face almost anywhere in the world where the Chinese live. The Goddess of Mercy (The Goddess of Compassion) is the most popular and widespread of any deity of Chinese Buddhism. Yet she is only now becoming known in the West. Also known as Quan Yin, Quan’Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and Kanin […]

Cupid Love Reiki Empowerment And Attunement

Cupid Love Reiki This empowerment and attunement is channeled by Ma Dayananda, and is for healing relationships between couples. No previous Reiki knowledge required. You must be able to concentrate and meditate and let your energies flow This is a Master level class and attunement can be passed over You may use this for: For […]