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Cutting Cords

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Nurses, caregivers and teachers are prone to experiencing unhealthy corded relationshipsCo-dependent relationships of every kind are fraught with unhealthy psychic cords.

The reason people cut cords is to move on and let go of them energetically which frees them up to be free of a negative energy or an energy that no longer serves them on their path. Psychic cords are often referred to as etheric cords.

Without getting overly scientific here, ethers are organic compounds that have an ether group (like an oxygen atom) connected to two alkyl or aryl groups. And, the etheric body is considered to be the first (or lowest layer) of the human energy field, typically referred to in spiritual circles as auras. It helps to sustain the physical body and also can help connect it with “higher” bodies and spiritual entities.

If you could see a psychic cord, it would appear a bit like an umbilical cord. In a loving healthy relationshipcords are often connected through the heart chakra as it exchanges energy back and forth. In an unhealthy or imbalanced relationship, the connection is most likely through the solar plexus or navel area where it leaches energy from one to the other.

Unhealthy psychic cords can make you more prone to psychic attack and eventually loss of soul fragments resulting in physical illness, confused emotional states and loss of energy.

People who evoke pity, sympathy and constant need for concern may be psychically cording you without conscious awareness of what they are doing.

This can prohibit good things from happening in your life by keeping you wrapped up in their drama. It is possible to have compassion for those we love without allowing them access to our own supply of energy. When a person learns to connect to source or creator, they will have access to unlimited energy supply and release the need to cord others in unhealthy ways.

No matter what the age or circumstance, everyone has their own divine connection to the Creator. Everyone creates the life they are living for purposes known only to their soul, so that they can learn the lessons they came here to learn.

That doesn’t mean we should abandon those we love when they fall upon difficult times but it does mean that we should be aware of how it impacts our own energy.

When you offer assistance, love and support to other people, make sure that you cut the psychic cord afterwards.


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What Will You Learn?

  • You can cut the cords with any person who is bothersome to you psychically. This is to say anyone who sends you strong energy and who intrudes on your thoughts and emotions even when you are alone. If you are done with a person but find they always intrude on your thoughts and you can feel them around you or in your mind, you can cut the connection by cutting the etheric cords that attach the both of you.
  • Some people with strong sexual bonds can find relief here as well by disconnection your sexual chakra to theirs, if such a bond was once formed. If an old flame was harmful or hurtful to you in some way, being free on all levels is incomparable. You literally move on and a new space is formed around you. You can then proceed to fill that space with more amiable and pleasant thoughts and feelings.
  • You can also cut the cords with any person who has abused you, either physically or emotionally. Victims of any crime (rape, beating, even bullying) can form bonds with the perpetrators that continue on energetically, even long after the crime. Cutting these bonds will help healing that much faster. This will help you to release the pain and clear out your energy field or aura of that trauma.
  • You can certainly continue to cut the cords until they no longer recur and you have completely moved on. If a cord cutting fails, this indicates you are not willing to really let someone go yet.

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Cutting Cords
If you cannot come out of previous relationships this is for you

Complete each lesson before moving to the next one

Step by step exercise on how to cut your cords

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3 months ago
Easy to understand, good for beginners as well. Beautifully presented, will surely recommend