DNA Activation Mantra

Want to activate your DNA Layers in 45 minutes with Meditation Guru Vidyut? Book your slots now, at the discounted price!

What is DNA?

It is a long molecule that contains our unique Genetic Code.

By re-activating and healing your DNA, you can come in Alignment with your Life”s Purpose.

Your immune system can get strengthened.It becomes much easier to release your negative thought patterns.

You can start looking younger and better. The fear and doubt disappears and your confidence level can get tremendously boosted up.

You can grow spiritually also to a much higher level. Your sixth sense can get sharpened and your communication with the CREATOR, can improve to a large extent.

The benefits are manifold – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

At this event, Spiritual Guru Vidyut, will be chanting the Divine Mantra, 108 times, to activate your DNA, while you chant along with him on Zoom.

45 Minutes One on One Session is $150

45 Minutes Group Session is $50 per person. Minimum 5 people required for a group session.

Please share the event and invite your friends to experience this life transforming live event!

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