Druidism Diploma Course

It has long been thought that the word Druid probably came from the Greek drous, which means ‘oak’, therefore suggesting that the Druids would be the priests of the god or gods identified with the oak tree.
However, it may also be derived from the word vid, meaning ‘to know’, which would lead one to believe that the Druids were considered to be the wise ones of the community.

The History of the Druids

While Druids are mentioned frequently in ancient scripts, little is truly known of their way of life because their traditions were principally oral and yet secret. In their society they were accepted as the teachers of moral philosophy and science; public and private disputes were referred to them for arbitration. Their authority was as much social as religious and they enjoyed many privileges, including in Gaul – though not in Ireland – exemption from military service and the payment of taxes.
Many received great honors. There were three principal classes of Druids: bards, prophets and priests, although religious teachers, judges and civil administrators would often also be Druids. They were adept at understanding the movement of the planets, the mysterious powers of plants and animals and the art of natural magick.
It is for this last reason that they could be considered the wise ones – that is, having knowledge of nature herself. They regarded the oak tree and the mistletoe, especially when the latter grew on oak trees, with great awe, and usually held their rituals in oak forests. These rituals seem also to have been associated with stone circles and other natural groves. The Druids were often assisted by female prophets or sorcerers who did not always enjoy the same powers and privileges.

Magical Training And Modern Druidism

The modern practice of Druidism does seem to straddle all aspects of magical practice but is principally a path to personal development and spiritual integrity. To understand the Druid way of thought in the modern day is to recognize a sense of responsibility within the flow of natural forces.
By making use of the inspiration given to us by Mother Nature and understanding the ebb and flow of the energies around us, we are able to utilize the power within ourselves and the world around us. We can communicate with the spirits of plants, rocks, the earth itself.
Even given the frenetic pace of urban living, it is still possible to live our lives successfully; though many of the old ways of worship may have gone by the board, we can still adapt and modify our own rituals to enable us to change our lives for the better.
This training introduces all the basic concepts of Druidism and shows you how it is a vibrant journey following the cycle of the year, which you can practice in the modern world. The aim of the training is to help you express yourself fully in the world. Through it you discover the source of your own creative power and learn how to express it in ways that are appropriate for you.
You also learn how to use ritual correctly, how to create a sacred space and to use the directions and the Elements. These rituals help to attune you to the world around you and to the rhythms of the earth, the Sun and Moon and the stars. In this way you gain access to your own inner space, that part of you which connects with life itself.


Total 50 lessons, topics including:

Celtic Gods

The Mind-Body Problem

Magick and Nature

Magick and Intentionality

Magick and Ethics

Telluric Currents

The Ogham Alphabet

Elemental Rituals

Spells For Protection

Spells For Love

Spells For Healing

And more

You will get PDF Manual, Notes, Audios, Videos and International Certification


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