Hindu Vedic Tarots

The Hindu Vedic Tarots is a tarot deck made by myself, based on the hindu rigveda/scripture. The 22 card set has beautiful images of Gods and Goddesses and comes with instructions on what each card means upright and reversed.

The Hindu Vedic Tarots is not available for sale in any market, as I am not printing it for general public for one year.

Only digital prints are available because of the shipping issue now. You will also get the full manual in PDF format, which can be downloaded here.

The interpretations of the first 3 cards are on the images. Moreover, you will get a 25 page PDF file, with the stories of each God and Goddess, and what significance they have in our daily life. Each story contains the ancient wisdom passed on to us through the vedas, considered as the pathway to enlightened living.

The printed version will be available once international shipping get backs to normal from Dubai to the rest of the world.

Please write to me on customercare@atsbayonline.com to give you free access to my course Usui Reiki Level 1

Love and light
Anita Mohan

Director Of AtsBay Magick Academy