Lama Fera is the fastest alternative healing method that is available on earth. Lama Fera can solve financial blockages, emotional and mental health, and take you to greater spiritual heights. Lama Fera Healer Level is a WhatsApp Workshop conducted through audios, videos and notes in English.



Lama Fera Healer And Master Teacher
Pranic Healer
Heartbreak Doctor (Counselling On Relationship Based Issues.)
Spiritual Guide
Meditation Guru


Vidyut Jatia has been practicing various modalities of Spiritualism for the past 9 years. He started his spiritual journey by becoming a Certified Pranic Healer. He has healed the mental, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional and relationship based issues of 1008+ seekers, and attained the level of a Guru. His calm personality and kindness attracts people from across the globe to him through social media and the internet.


Starting from Pranic Healing, Vidyutji learned many healing techniques with various Gurus over the years. Teaching what he learnt is his passion and he started Vibrant Energy Group, which conducts workshops on WhatsApp, Online Classrooms and Zoom. His one on one classes are highly appreciated by students.


The most attractive feature about Vidyutji is that he is very easy to approach and conducts all inquiries and consultations directly without involving a third person. This ensures complete confidentiality to the seeker.


Vidyutji is also very active on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram where he often have live sessions of meditation and spiritual guidance.



Lama Fera can help increase spiritual abilities, improve the effectivness of meditation, relieve pain and discomfort caused by chronic diseases, remove negative energy, unwanted spirits, overcome fear and anxiety, remove stress, improve visualization and helps in getting connected with the Higher Self. Lama Fera leads one to the higher plane of consciousness, making the Awakening process faster.


Lama Fera healing awakens the soul towards its ignorance through the powerful energies of lord Buddha, Sangha and Dhamma. The realization of soul helps in overcoming his ignorance and releases his own blockage.


This allows energy fields to balance in all planes. It means easing the flow of energy streams in all seven chakras and balance in fire, air, earth, space and water element of body. This further balances male and female energy. By balancing above a person get healed completely from all the negative energies.


Also, the energy sealing process using Lama Fera stops further leakage in energy due to future attacks. Once the purification, healing and sealing of energy is performed on all planes, a person gets completely free from all sort of negativity.


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