Odin’s Rune Mastery

Rune masters believe that every human being has a right to happiness, health, peace of mind, prosperity, and abundance.

There is enough out there to satisfy everyone.

Rune masters see it as their obligation to help others achieve that to which they are entitled.

Each rune and combination of runes does also connect with specific sound frequencies.

These frequencies are useful for healing, chakra balancing, and many other psychic practices.

Runes provide you with this extra power and energy. Runes are creative energies.

Consequently, they act fast and very powerfully. You can trigger them easily.

Many of our students have experienced desired results fast, often overnight.

Since they represent creative energies, runes can help you to overcome negative karma.

Unlike many religious belief systems, runes are life-affirmative. Runic practice is applied metaphysics.

With runic practice, you unfold your natural abilities that you have had all your life, but of which you may never have been aware.

Runes allow you to flex your psychic muscle in the same way others may take advantage of their wealth, prestige, or position on the ladder of social success.

If you are enjoying this latter advantage already, runes can certainly boost your position and help you get still further ahead!

Runic Practice Will Help You Achieve Rapidly:
General Self Improvement
Spiritual Advancement
Experience of the Creative – Divine
Oneness with the Higher Self
Use of your Healing Powers
Capability to give Rune Readings
Increase of your Psychic Powers
Protection Against Attacks
Understanding of Karma and Past Life Recalls
Changing your Destiny for the Better
Effective Help for Others
Success and Power
Peace of Mind and Emotional Balance
Awakening of your Chakras
Attraction of Love and Friendship
Financial Blessings and Prosperity
And Much More!