This candle is made with the highest intend on a new moon night between 12 am and 3 am. This is for people who have relationship problems, and it 100% effective, provided it does not go against anyone’s free will.

Made with flowers, herbs, crystals, magickal oils and induced with prayers for 3 consecutive nights.

Comes in a jar, which you can close and keep after use. Must be burnt for 41 days(nights) 15 minutes each time, with a photo of your object below the candle.

Each candle is 200gm, cut the wick 1/2 inch before using it, so it will last longer. Buy 2 pieces, for avoiding a risk of non availability.

I make this candle with one secret ingredient, you can see the provider of my secret ingredient in the photos! I believe it is her power that has always made my Potent Love Spell work!

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