Relationship Feng Shui

The astonishing secrets of ancient Chinese wisdom unfold as you explore the world of Feng Shui. Using the principles shared here you will discover how something as easy as moving your bed can make you more money. Sound amazing? With Relationship Feng Shui you will unexpectedly find yourself at the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people, to attract the highest energy, and live the richest life.

Apply Relationship Feng Shui wisdom to:

• Establish yourself as king or queen of your home and office

• Attract more luck and good fortune in your career, relationships, health, and spiritual growth

• Receive support for all of your creative possibilities

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science based on laws that govern the flow of energy, what the Chinese refer to as Qi (pronounced “chee”), Positive changes you make in your environment create improvements in the level and flow of Qi energy in your life, When you improve the flow of energy, you are in a much better position to attract what you desire from the universe.

In Feng Shui your good fortune and luck is the sum of three kinds of luck:

• Heaven Luck – the life circumstances you were born into. 

• Human Luck – your attitudes and behaviors that determine what you do with your life’s circumstances.

• Earth Luck – the positive or negative influence of the environment you live and work in.

Each of these constitutes one third of your total fortune. Although you have little control over the circumstances you were born into, you  do have control over your Human and Earth Luck.

Improve your luck in these two areas, and you influence your Heaven Luck. Feng Shui improves your Earth Luck. Using Feng Shui principles you create a better flow of energy in your environment and consciously direct that flow to achieve what you desire in your life. Everything is energy.

The positive energy of a good Feng Shui environment surrounds you and influences you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, your whole lifetime. Feng Shui is like a form of acupuncture for the unified field of energy that includes your home and body. Activate an area of your home and you start a flow of energy through your body, mind, and soul for more success in your career, health, relationships and spiritual growth.

Five Steps to Improve the Flow of Energy

Feng Shui masters have shown through the millennia that improving your Earth Luck is fast, easy, and within your control. When you change the position of your desk or bed, or change other things such as colors in your surroundings, the impact is immediate and direct. Doing so also creates a positive spiralling of energy upward that affects your Human Luck and Heaven Luck as well.

To improve your Feng Shui and energy flow, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Clean and organize your home or works pace.

To get your Earth Luck energy flowing, prepare your home or office for the queen or king to take up residence by creating an open space in every room. To begin, gather the clutter and hide it in closets and cabinets or under something. In later levels of this course, you’ll learn more intensive space clearing. For now, wipe the dust from your room and clean the floor. Remove dead as well as dried flowers, and place fresh bouquets if you wish.

Step 2: Select the proper chair.

Sit on a strong, solid high-backed chair. Because Feng Shui requires that you feel the support of the universe in your life, your personal “throne” must support you in the back. A solid wall behind you provides better support than a door or window.

Step 3: Position your desk.

Position yourself like a queen or king to see the incoming flow of people through the door. If you can see the incoming flow from where you sit, you can see the opportunities that come to you. You will make the right decisions because you can see all the angles and hear the right advisors. However, do not sit directly in the flow from the door. Face one of your four best directions.

Step 4: Position your bed.

Opportunities keep coming at night because dreams and inspiration influence great decisions. To remain in power as you sleep, position your bed so you can clearly see the door and you have a solid wall behind you for support. However, do not sleep directly in the flow from the door. Sleep in a queen- or king-sized bed even when you sleep alone. Sleep with your head toward one of your four best directions.

Step 5: Activate and face your personal best directions.

To do this, you will need to know your Personal Energy Number. The Chinese call this your kua number. Kua means eight and relates to the eight different directions from which ‘universal Qi flows to you.

You may find that you cannot position your bed or desk perfectly due to the confines of the room. In this case, the first priority is to face or sleep toward one of your personal best directions. Second priority is to be out of the flow from the door, and third is to be able to see the door when in bed or at your desk.

Find Your Personal Energy Number

Your Personal Energy Number shows the directions from which Qi flows to support your personal success, health, relationships, and spiritual growth. To find your Personal Energy Number, look up your birth date in the table below:

Use the chart below to identify your four best directions for success,

health, relationships and spiritual growth.

To be a powerful queen or king, you will activate each of your personal best directions to create success, a healthy long life, great relationships, and personal growth that inspires you and may even make you an inspiration for others.

Face Your Best Directions with Your Desk and Bed
Position your desk to face a good personal direction when you work and position your bed to sleep in a good direction. This can have an amazingly powerful effect right away because it keeps you in the best flow of Qi for you.

Here’s how to check the directions:
1)Stand behind your desk with a compass in the direction you face when sitting at your desk or computer screen. Position your desk so that when you sit, you face one of your personal best directions.
2)Facing the headboard, stand at the foot of your bed to check the compass direction. Position your bed so that when you sleep, the top of your head points toward one of your personal best directions. As much as possible, orient toward your personal best directions when you work and sleep. You will connect with the flow of positive energy coming toward you and attract more good fortune in your life.

Spouses/Partners with opposite best directions
When you and your spouse or partner have opposite best directions,
(one person belongs to the East Group and the other to the West Group), the front door will be in a good direction for one of you (use the compass direction you face when you are standing in the doorway looking out). Arrange the bed so that you sleep toward one of the four best directions for the other.

This balances the front door “day Qi” with the bed “night Qi.” If this balance cannot be achieved, is there another door that the other spouse or partner can use? In any case, be sure to activate both of your success directions in the bedroom.