Ritual Magick is become the trend all over the world now, with so much of chaos happening every where. It is natural that people are looking out to some kind of relief or a solution for their problems, without going out to a practitioner.


I am Anita Mohan, spiritual coach, trainer and entrepreneur. Let me introduce you to my world of Ritual Magick, for that we need to go back 40 years to when I was a 15 year old girl in pigtails.....

When you have an issue in your life, and you want an immediate relief it is good to know some rituals which can be done at home. 


I have been seeing and performing rituals since a very young age. My maternal home was a venue of homams, and vedic rituals. The rituals done those days were very complicated and needed a lot of skills and knowledge of Sanskrit. A huge design would be drawn on the floor of the venue, with powdered colors, and a fire place would be arranged in the middle. 


As a teenager, I was so fascinated by the colors and the chantings, that I used to look forward for the next homam. It was also an occasion for celebration, bringing all the chldren and grandchildren, uncles and aunts, and everyone who was even a distant part of the family, gathered at one place.


My grandmother was a kind of "witch". She had remedies for every illness and she even "straightened" the members of the family who were in deep trouble financially or hooked up with the wrong person. My cousins and I have massaged her legs for hours to get her to do magick, to get good marks and spared from beatings. 


I learnt my early lessons from my maternal grandmother. She taught me how to make oils, how to stop a nosy neighbour, how to postpone exams etc. My interest in the subject and my very strong visualization power, led me to research the topic and learn. 


The more I learned, the more inquisitive and experimental I became. Many of the rituals I teach are ones that I have tried, and seen fruitful. I found out several ways to avoid the complicated patterns followed during the ancient times. What use was magick of if everyone could not do it? 


Our Magick Rituals Live workshop is a 3 day class. We will be demonstrating rituals for Prosperity, Relationships and Angel Healing. Students will be able to perform live with us during the workshop, with very little materials.


There is no specific date to join, you can join any day and choose any time you want, provided it is available. Once you register, the time and dates can be discussed...we are flexible!


These are all very easy to perform rituals, but very effective. Each day you will get the PDF manual of the session in the morning, so you can arrange what is necessary for the ritual which will be conducted at 7 PM Indian Time. But you can also suggest a time convenient for you.


All registered members will be added to a WhatsApp group, where you can ask your questions regarding the rituals.


Recordings of the live sessions will be available for a limited period of time to all registered members.


Ritual Magick is now the trend among communities, and our rituals are very easy to perform, even if you are a newcomer to magick traditions.


Once ritual magick was done in every home in India, for banishing evil spirits, for pleasing ancestors, for getting jobs, for a girl to get a good husband...the list goes on.


The ones we have included in this workshop are very easy and with very little or bare necessities. The corona virus has taken too many lives, and struck the world so badly, that people are willing to try every method known to fight the pandemic.

Rs 1499/- AND SEND A SCREENSHOT TO +919567679487

Workshop Schedule



πŸ’1. Financial Clearance Ritual
πŸ’2. Prosperity Attracting Ritual
πŸ’3. Wealth Manifestation Ritual
πŸ’4. Business Success Ritual


DAY 2 
πŸ’5. Relationships Rescuing Ritual
πŸ’6. Couple Binding Ritual

πŸ’7. Make A Home Ritual
πŸ’8. Stop Gossip Ritual


DAY 3 

πŸ’9. Angel Blessing Ritual
πŸ’10. Angel Healing Therapy


The rituals may not be performed in this order, and sometimes there might be replacements also due to the availability of raw materials.




INR Rs 1499/- 

USD $ 50/-

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