St Expedite is patron saint over all urgent matters. He also goes by the name St Expeditus. He is also patron saint against procrastination.

He is the saint of emergencies. He loves speed.

Those who need a solution to a problem immediately may turn to

St Expedite.

Many turn to him when they are experiencing financial distress, when job hunting, or in relation to legal matters.

It is believed he lived in the fourth century. He was a Roman soldier. This is why most images of Expedite show him dressed in clothes like a soldier.

As a soldier he learned about Christianity. He decided he wanted to convert to Christianity and devote his life to this new faith.

As soon as he had made that decision the devil appeared before him in the form of a crow. The devil demanded that he delay his decision to join the Christian faith until the next day.

Expedite refused and firmly stated he would become a Christian today.

Saint Expedite is extremely popular in Brazil. Hundreds of thousands celebrate his feast day every year.

In this workshop, we are going to teach you 5 rituals and prayers that are most commonly used to call upon St Expedite. 

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