Starting Your WhatsApp Coaching Business

How do you go from a dead end job to being a successful online entrepreneur? Have you wondered? Perhaps you did so many times, but you did not know where to start!

Why online coaching have become such a booming market? And what if you can do it with a small training?

More and more people are now interested in earning online, because it is so easy, does not require to commute and can be done anytime, anywhere. All one needs is a phone and an active internet connection.

To be successful as an online coach, you have to be thorough with the different steps of how to manage your coaching business.

We are teaching on how to become a successful online coach, for we believe that we are experts in this area, making more than $10,000 a month just from online coaching.

What will we teach you?

🔷In this course, you will learn A to Z of WhatsApp Workshops

🔷How to plan your workshop

🔷How to make word documents

🔷How to make PDF files

🔷How to protect your PDF files against copying

🔷How to get clients

🔷Where to advertise

🔷How to make beautiful posters for your courses

🔷How to make videos for your courses

🔷How to take international payments

🔷Its a very large workshop, with practicals, videos, audios, interaction between members, and life long support

🔷Guaranteed Rs 100,000 ($2000- $4000) income per month

🔷One on one class is also possible for those who want to maintain their privacy


Day 1. Trainer Introduction, Member Introduction, and Analysing what you already know

Day 2. Group discussion and suggestions

Day 3. Facebook Page updation Assignment

Day 4. Group discussion and corrections

Day 5. Instagram Updation and Assignment

Day 6. Group Discussion and corrections

Day 7. Twitter Updation and Assignment

Day 8. Group Discussion and corrections

Day 9. Whatsapp groups updation

Day 10. Gathering Clients

Day 11. Scheduling Workshops Assignment

Day 12. Gathering Materials For Workshops

Day 13. How to keep your students happy

Day 14. Sorting Topics For Free Workshops

Day 15. Group Discussion and corrections

Day 16. Creating Word Documents

Day 17. Creating PDFs with Header, Footer and Watermark

Day 18. Branding

Day 19. Protecting your work

Day 20. Group Discussion and corrections

Day 21. Making Advertisement Posters

Day 22. Group Discussion and corrections

Day 23. Marketing through social media

Day 24. How to manage paid advertising on a budget

Day 25. How to make videos for your courses

Day 26. How to take payments internationally

Day 27. How to figure out current trends

Day 28. Group discussion and corrections

Day 29. How to market yourself

Day 30. Final Day, analysing all techniques and getting you ready to launch

If you follow the trainer’s instructions step by step, you will make minimum Rs 1 Lakh per month

After this workshop, you will be a different person, you will get the respect of your students, as your workshops will be different from the ones of untrained people

Trainer will give you life long support

We are not providing workshop content materials, we will teach you how to create content


PAYMENT – Rs 12000/- ($200)