Successful Online Seller

My name is Anita Mohan, and I was a sales manager in a corporate firm in Dubai for years. I was tired of travelling to my work place everyday, working 12 hours in a luxurious office, attending meetings, struggling with office politics, stressing out on monthly targets, and the salary that came to my bank account 15 to 20 days late every month. I could not take the tension any more, and wanted to do something on my own.

When I discussed with my family, to be honest, no one was happy, knowing that we would miss the fat pay check, even if it came late. But I was determined. I decided to hand in my resignation, and had already planned an online business. Being in the marketing industry, I used to watch and read about thousands of people who made it big online, some stories of course were hyped and unbelievable. Nonetheless, I made up my mind, this is what I am going to do.

The company paid me all my dues, had a good farewell party with colleagues, packed off everything and went home, 6 years back. My CEO offered to take me if I ever wanted to join back. I thanked him, laughed it off and said No, sir, I wont be coming back. I saw the look on his face, which meant, this woman is making a huge mistake and when she starts missing the paycheck she will be back!

I got home, lazed around for a week, watched more stuff on online businesses, of successful entrepreneurs and was 100% confident that I could do it. I joined Shopify, its a website, which you pay $29 a month, to sell your products. And I first started with women’s leggings. Tried for a month, nothing sold. I was fine, because I had plenty of money in the bank. I told myself, its fine, let me try something else, and I tried baby clothes.

I sold 23 pieces of one cute Tutu dress…wow I was happy…$26 x 23=$598/-Meanwhile I was paying $29/- per month for my website, and $10 per day for ads, so that made my expense for a month $329/- So I decided to try something else, and found educational toys, which was hyped those days as the hottest selling online product…rubbish…I did not make even a single sale. Months flew by… I sat day and night by the computer trying one thing after the other. Nothing happened, everyone was upset, because the money in the bank was getting over.

We live in Dubai, so we have to pay our house rent, my company license to be renewed every year, my office space had to be paid for….and it was hell. I went through absolute hell for the next 3 years… My husband lost his job as Dubai companies were closing down, and he left back to India saying he could not take this anymore. I became like a zombie, awake 22 to 23 hours a day. During the night I would try to sell to the USA, and during the day to who ever was awake on the other part of the world. But I would not give up. My family members told me, enough, just go back to your old job. I said no, I will make it, if thousands of others from all over the world can make it, I could too…with 30 years of marketing experience, I could not fail, I was not willing to fail.

I tried different ways, lost all the money I had saved, my son took a huge loan to cover our expenses. Finally he too got tired and told me stop it, all those stories you have seen are fake. I was stubborn, but I was learning. I did a thousand courses online, I watched a hundred webinars, and all this while I was experimenting one method after the other.

And finally after 3 years of quitting my full time job, I hit the jackpot! It happened one night….I had planned all my marketing strategy carefully for a week, and placed an ad. And that night I went off to sleep…I know this is hard to believe for someone who did not go through all what I had been through…in the morning when I woke up, my phone was full of notifications from my store email. My product was a big hit!!! I did not know whether I should laugh or cry…I spent 3 years, all my money gone…and finally I made it!! I found the exact method to sell online.

5 days later I brought my husband back to Dubai, and that month I made twice the salary I was being paid as a sales manager in my previous company. Never looked back after that, with the Almighty’s Grace.

A year later I started online coaching, teaching people what I had learned in those 3 years, and helping people from around the world. Because no one knows it better than me, about my struggle, and the mistakes I made. I still do sell physical products online, but my prime focus is teaching, how to succeed online. I believe everyone should be given a chance to learn and try it out.

I have put together an online course where I will be teaching the exact method I followed to become successful. It will be on a private group, and anyone who wants to be an independent online seller can join. I promise you that you will not lose any money. I have done the experiments, so you are safe. The course will be updated even after you have finished all the lessons, and anyone who enrolls will have access to all the latest updates.

💥Seeing the number of people who are suffering without enough to survive, I think, you should at least give it a try.

💥The course will be launched on 10th October.

💥Everyday I will update the course and will give you assignments to complete, so you will never make a mistake.

💥You will have lifetime access to the course and all the materials.

💥Those who have any questions, can click the Whatsapp icon on this page and chat with me to clear your doubts.

💥You pay the discounted fee now, which will revert back to the actual price after the launch.