The Silva Method: Unlocking The Genius Within

The Silva Method:
Unlocking The Genius Within
by Robert B. Stone, Ph.D., Jose Silva, and Laura Silva

The world’s foremost producer of personal development and motivational audio programs now teaches you how to tap the secrets of the mind for total self-mastery. Your mind has a power so great that it can change and dramatically improve every aspect of your life.

Now “The Silva Method” gives you the ability to use this immense power by forging a direct path to the deep wells of creative, intuitive insight that each of us possesses but only a fraction of us ever use.

Dr. Robert B. Stone, an internationally known lecturer on the Silva Method, along with Jose Silva and Laura Silva, offers a step-by-step program to teach yourself how to access the powerful right side of your brain and to help you learn to:
* better your health
* strengthen your relationships
* increase your income
* accelerate learning
* make the right decisions
* find solutions to all the problems you face

The secrets of a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life are already locked in your mind.
“The Silva Method”

gives you the key.

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The Silva Method- Unlocking The Genius-10 Day Course
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