Online Transmission

I am offering donation based transmission sessions to people online. You can pay what you like, starting from $1/£1/₹75
Each person receives exactly what they came for and what they allow themselves to receive.
We set an intention at the beginning of the session depending on what you want to work on. Then, you will be guided what to do. You might get an energy healing, you might get guidance, you might get practices to do as “homework”.
Mostly, it will be a mixture of all of the above.
These sessions deal with all kinds of problems, because we work on any level needed or a mix of all levels – the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.
Take a step towards solutions in your life and book your session by donating what you can.

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Anita Mohan
Account Number 919567679487
IFSC Code: PYTM0123456
Bank: Paytm Payments Bank