Zodiac Reiki With 14 Attunements

Zodiac Reiki is a Reiki system based on the twelve signs of the Western astrology system.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, these twelve signs have become archetypes in our culture.

Each sign is imbued with specific qualities both good and bad that represent different personal qualities and types of people.

Total 12 signs, which you can attune your clients also. We will give you attunements for all 12 symbols, which you can later pass on to your clients or students.

In addition to Zodiac Reiki, we are also giving you Demon Removal Empowerment with Attunement, this is useful for removing any negative entities that may have entered you without your knowledge or by the pressure of someone.

Such entities can cause blockages in spirituality as well as any positive development you seek. There will be money and relationship blockages.

You will also receive the Lemuria Empowerment and Attunement, which is beneficial for reaching a higher consciousness. The Lemurian energy will be passed on to you through the Attunement

The default Attunement process is through Chi Ball, but there is an option for zoom attunement, one on one basis. This is optional, and if you want this, please tick this option on the form given below. All charges are mentioned on the form.

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Zoom attunement is optional. You will be given direct 14 attunements on camera. Each attunement is 1 minutes, total on camera 15 minutes. You can receive the energy face to face with the Master.