After the pandemic Covid 19 struck, a lot of businesses closed down, as people became uncomfortable going to crowded places. More and more “old school businesses” started turning to online portals, creating online products, or selling their products online.

Offices and shops stay closed in big cities like London and Dubai, which were mainly depended on the floating population, and the tourists who came in every single day.

Many IT companies closed their offices, and asked their employees to work from home. In Dubai, companies who were paying $10,000 monthly as rent for office space, closed down. At first they asked the staff not to travel by the metro, because definitely it is a high risk place to get infected.

When 60% of the staff stopped coming to work, because they had no form of private conveyance, companies started realizing that, it was not a good idea. So then they allowed people to work from home.

I would like to mention something here, which many people who live outside UAE, as well as in UAE do not know. Working from home was always considered as a crime in the UAE.

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Even if you have an online business, you must have a physical office, not your home, to be considered legal, and to be able to apply for a commercial license. You can be prosecuted and jailed for running a business from home.

When the pandemic struck, the government of Dubai, announced that companies could have “work from home employees”. This is when most businesses realized how much more easier and profitable it is to have people working from home. So they started closing their offices, which had huge rentals, not to mention the electricity bills and other expenses.

When big companies started realizing the reach and potential of online businesses, smart individuals too started thinking….I mean why would a guy, who knows how to drive sales online, knows how to conduct an online business, spend 10 hours in an office working for someone else, commuting 2 hours daily, and get paid a salary with 45% to 60% deduction, because the organization was going through heavy losses, continue working for that company?

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He is working lesser hours at home, using his same laptop and resources, being with his young kids and wife/husband, eating healthy meals on time, not risking his life commuting, and keeping every single penny of his hard earned money, because he/she is the boss now!! Anyone can figure it out in seconds…you need to look at the bigger picture.

Social media marketing and digital marketing became two of the most sought out topics and the highly in demand online courses.

Many online universities, that sell online courses, sprang up over night. Of course the all time favourites like Udemy and Skilshare are there to consider.

Atsbay Online started online coaching services in 2017, after the CEO quit her high paying corporate job, and decided to work from home. Yes, there has been ups and downs, and in 2018, finally just one year after the company was launched online, the business started striking gold.

At the moment, there is a high demand for people who can handle social media marketing and digital marketing, as hundreds and thousands of businesses have turned online, and they have no idea how to make it happen online.

So if you are smart, this is the time you would act. Take an online course on digital marketing and be out there, ready to be hired by companies who are looking for people who can handle their online businesses.

Or if you are already an online coach, you should be taking higher paying clients, or people who can pay much higher for your courses than what you normally charge.

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