25 Ancient Chants English

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About Course

25 Ancient Chants for Various Purposes

Format: Pre-recorded video lessons with text-based support.

Access: Lifetime availability. Once purchased, you can revisit the chants at any point in your life, whenever you feel the need.

Course Overview:

Delve deep into the mystical world of ancient chants with this comprehensive course. For millennia, various cultures have believed in the power of vocal vibrations to invoke, evoke, and transform energies. This course brings together 25 powerful chants that cater to specific purposes, ensuring you have the perfect incantation at your fingertips when needed.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Empowerment Series:
    • Boost your self-confidence.
    • Seek visions of the future.
    • Aid in finding lost objects.
    • Invoke blessings for a new home.
    • Banish misfortune and bad luck.
  2. Prosperity & Health Series:
    • Secure victory in competitions.
    • Attract good luck and positive vibrations.
    • Wish for and promote good health.
    • Triumph over adversity and opposition.
    • Influence and sway opinions in your favor.
  3. Wealth & Success Series:
    • Channel success in business endeavors.
    • Secure favor for academic or skill tests.
    • Discover and amplify hidden talents.
    • Repel enemies and negativities.
    • Amplify your wealth and resources.
  4. Relationship & Attraction Series:
    • Entice precious jewelry gifts.
    • Strengthen bonds with significant partners.
    • Attract desired individuals into your life.
    • Command attention in social or formal settings.
    • Invoke healing energies post-illness.
  5. Manipulation & Strategy Series:
    • Ward off or vanquish adversaries.
    • Influence and gently manipulate situations in your favor.
    • Foster harmony within personal relationships.
    • Dissolve unhealthy relationships.
    • Ensure the success of personal and professional projects.


  • Understand the historical and cultural context of each chant.
  • Discover the correct pronunciation and rhythm to maximize efficacy.
  • Learn to channel your intentions, focusing on the desired outcome.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich world of vocal vibrations and their transformative power.


  • An open mind and heart.
  • Basic internet connection to access the course.
  • A quiet space for practicing the chants.

Note: While these chants carry deep historical and cultural value, their results can vary for each individual. Approach with an open heart and genuine intent, and let the ancient melodies guide you on your journey.

Join us today and uncover the power of these ancient chants, transforming your life one syllable at a time!

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Empowerment Series:

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Prosperity & Health Series:

Wealth & Success Series:

Relationship & Attraction Series:

Manipulation & Strategy Series:

Bonus Section Discussion Session Of Live Class For Doubts Clearing

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