Crystal Healing

Amazing Crystals can sometimes seem to have a mind of their own – there are some items of jewelry that at times are just impossible to wear. Even though a particular stone may suit an outfit perfectly, you may still feel that it just isn’t right and you cannot possibly wear that combination of stone and outfit that day.

On other days it is the exact opposite: a particular stone draws you in magically and you absolutely have to put it on, irrespective of how it looks. Who hasn’t experienced this? It is a sign that you are feeling the power and influence of crystals, which is how the healing powers of crystals were discovered as far back as the Stone Age.

Archaeological finds and observations of the lives of primitive peoples have revealed that healing with crystals is as old as mankind itself. Those living in close contact with nature need acute senses and keen awareness to survive; they are also more sensitive to and aware of their own bodies: they sense, for example, that amber creates a feeling of ease if they have a stomach ache, that serpentine brings inner peace when they feel scared or threatened and that obsidian can reduce pain. Crystals have thus been worn as protective amulets or applied to the body to bring healing for years.