Heal With Magick Free Course


Healing with magick is method of using spiritual connection, physical means, and magickal spells to heal the body, mind, and spirit, not only of humans, but also of animals. For tens of thousands of years, this method was the only technique used. And it was used successfully. Then “modern” medicine took over and decreed that only physicians trained in a certain way could heal and that the spiritual and magick did nothing. This viewpoint still exists.

The Origins of Magick Originally, the word magick, which may come from the word magi, described the learning that was taught to the priests and the sages of the Medes and Persians. These healers were famed for their skill in working enchantments, which also included incantations, divinations, and astrology. Many people get upset whenever the word magick is mentioned. However, magick is only supernatural until science explains it. An example is alchemy, which was a skill practiced in secret until chemistry was validated. Astrology was the foundation upon which astronomy was built.

The use of magick wouldn’t continue if it didn’t get results, even if we don’t understand exactly how it works. However, today people are beginning to question this attitude. According to a number of recent surveys (not by physicians or hospitals), more than 60 percent of people believe in using alternative medicine, prayer, and/or magick along with orthodox medicine. Whenever the general populace questions enough about methods of healing, accepted techniques begin to change. Fortunately, more doctors and medical centers are becoming open to alternative healing methods.

The connection between healing and magick was a valid and successful concept from the beginning of the human race. The separation began when the healers of later cultures condemned magick as an invalid practice and separated it from healing. The original definition of magick was not the same as the corrupted meaning attached to the word today. Don’t bother to look up the word in any dictionary, as they only give the meaning attached to stage magicians. The true meaning of magick is to draw universal, spiritual energy from the Other world, mold it by concentrated thought into a specific desire, and release that energy-thought into this world to manifest. This definition applies to strong prayer as well as to magickal spells.

Many people who apply healing prayers to illnesses call the positive results miracles. Miracles have nothing to do with scientific reason or what a person supposedly does or doesn’t deserve. This places miraculous events in the same category as the results that magick produces. In magick, the healer should never question whether the recipient is worthy of healing, but work on the belief that all humans are worthy of healing. The condition of each person’s soul and what they do or don’t deserve is between each individual and the Goddess/God.

Miracles, whether by prayer or magick, don’t have to make sense to us or the scientific world. If they did, they wouldn’t be miracles. You do not need to be a shaman to practice the healing in this course, nor do you have to be knowledgeable about magick or psychic healing. This course is for common people who are concerned about a loved one’s illness or perhaps their own illnesses, and desire alternative ways to work for healing.

Magickal Healing in Practice

This course is not slanted toward any one religious group or idea. Goddess/God is known by hundreds of different names that all strive to define an unknowable force in the universe. There is no difference between the prayers to saints and the prayers to ancient deities. The same energy is attached to burning a candle at church as to burning a candle at home. The only difference may lie in the amount of concentration, determination, and desire put out by the healer and the patient.

For any healing to take place, healing magick requires total cooperation between the healer and the patient. The patient must take an active part. In other words, the patient must be responsible for their illness and do everything they can to facilitate the healing. Otherwise, the healing will not be permanent, if it occurs at all. You should be aware that some patients, consciously or subconsciously, do not want to be healed. Some patients like the attention they get from their illness or the control they can exert over family members and friends because they are sick. No matter what you do, you will not be able to heal these people. All the time, effort, and energy you pour into trying to heal such a person will be wasted.

The same applies to the roles of family and friends in healing. If there is a persistent negative, pessimistic, or hateful attitude or atmosphere around a patient, it can harm instead of heal. At the very least, negative attitudes can interfere with healing. If this type of attitude exists in only one person, or in a small number of family and friends, the patient is best advised to sever communications with these people. However, that must be the patient’s decision. This action will be of little use if the patient does not have other positive-minded friends and family left, unless the patient has a strong will and is willing to form new friendships.

Positive support systems are vitally important to getting well. Sometimes you will encounter a patient with a serious illness who truly wants to be healed, but the process doesn’t seem to work no matter what you do. In these cases, it may be that the patient’s lifespan is at its end. The patient may not consciously know this, but their subconscious does. When this happens, work for peace, spiritual harmony, and freedom from pain and fear.

Some of the methods presented in this course may not seem magickal at first, but they are. Remember, all magick requires that you draw upon universal energy for healing, that you mold it into a specific desire in your mind, and then release it to manifest in the here and now. It doesn’t matter if the magickal process is prayer or spells, for the same rules apply to all magickal healing. The same rules apply whether you are a healer working on another person or a patient working on yourself. You do not need to use all the methods mentioned here. You may use any of the methods in any combination. In fact, using more than one method seems to raise more healing energy.

The practices in this course may also be used by the patient, either with or without a healer. The best healer is you, anyway. No healing, even if aided by the most proficient of psychic healers, will occur unless the patient cooperates and takes an active part.

A History of Healing Magick

Healers have been in demand from the beginning of humankind, for accidents and illnesses of the body, mind, and spirit have always been with us. These early spiritual healers were shamans; shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual healing profession. The traceable roots of shamanism date from the Stone Age, at least forty thousand years. However, common sense tells us that the profession of shamanism must go back even further, before humans felt any need to record their activities in cave paintings. Although the descriptive word used to designate a shaman was different from culture to culture, the training and practices of a shaman were remarkably similar everywhere in the world, even today. In this course, the word shaman is used to simplify the description, although the word shaman comes only from the Tunguso-Manchurian dialect and means “to know.”

People generally connect shamanism with the Eskimo, African, and Native American cultures. However, a branch called Celtic shamanism existed for centuries, finally dying out in Scotland and Ireland as the cultures succumbed to the power of implanted religions. Out of necessity, the early shamans (both men and women) were a combination of healer, magician, and priest. Early people knew that healing, magick, and the spiritual were inexplicably intertwined and should not be separated. The primary purposes of shamans were, and still are, to travel to the Other world in their spiritual bodies, to work positive magick, and to mediate and communicate with spirits and deities in the Other world. In this way, they are able to retrieve information that is unknown on the ordinary levels of consciousness.

This especially applied to healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Shamans needed their spiritual abilities (altered state of consciousness) to contact the Other world to determine the cause of any illness and what herbs or practices were necessary to treat the disease. When tribes or clans became too large for the shaman to do all the work alone, this responsibility was frequently divided into two separate categories: priest-magician and healer.

However, people in both categories were instructed in the same practices. For example, although healers focused on the healing arts, they also understood that a strong connection with spirit or the Other world and the magickal energy of that world were necessary for any healing to take place.

Throughout history, cultures continued to have their priest-healers who were required to know magick themselves or work closely with those who did. The ancient cultures of Sumer, Babylonia, Ur, and Egypt had groups of priests, healers, and magicians who were trained in certain temples and expected to work together. We know this because of the surviving clay tablets and papyri. Even the ancient Greeks had their shamanistic equivalents, particularly those who worked in the sacred asklepieia, or temples of the healing God Aesculapius.

The patients in these Greek temples were treated by physical methods, magickally induced dream therapy, and communication with Aesculapius. This treatment of the whole person by spiritual connection, physical methods, and magickal spells continued in the Middle East and Mediterranean areas until the end of the fifth century BCE, when Hippocrates of Cos appeared. His admonitions that only the body was involved in physical illness and that spiritual and magickal techniques were unnecessary and useless challenged the ancient premise that body, mind, and spirit were vitally connected.

He declared that only physical methods could cure illness, an unfortunate attitude that has persisted in today’s medicine. He did mention healing hands, but he did not mean healing with the hands. His limited definition of healing is still taught by every Western medical school. Fortunately, many of the alternative healing practices of the Eastern cultures have survived and are in sharp contrast to Western medicine.

In Western medicine, only dysfunction and disease are treated. Eastern healing treats the whole person. Western medicine views the patient as only a body. Eastern medicine views the patient as an inseparable combination of body, mind, and spirit, all of which interact constantly. This Eastern idea is known as holistic health. In ancient China, the physician was paid only as long as the patient stayed healthy. As soon as the patient became sick, the payments stopped.

Thus, physicians were motivated to help people heal quickly and keep them well. In Western medicine, some physicians view healing in terms of how many treatments and how much money they will receive for their services. Common sense will tell you that the ancient principles and ideas behind Eastern holistic medicine are more valuable to healing than those of a traditional Western physician. Unfortunately, Western ideas have corrupted some of the orthodox Eastern physicians. However, many of the ancient ideas of alternative healing practices behind Eastern healing have been kept alive and are still practiced.

We are fortunate today that the old knowledge of magickal healing is being reclaimed and presented to the reading public. The old methods have been refined and modernized to fit our present society and needs, a process that is vital in all healing methods. This makes it possible for anyone to combine magickal healing with orthodox treatment.

If your religious background makes you uncomfortable with certain healing methods in this course, skip them or convert them into an acceptable practice. Magick isn’t static and is open to change. The magick doesn’t occur because a certain spell is done in an exact manner, although doing such a spell will help you concentrate the healing energy.

The magick lies in your finding a way to an altered state of consciousness in which you can mold universal energy and manifest it in this physical world. The healing profession looks as if it may be coming full circle, and that is good. Sick people should be able to use every method at their disposal to get well again.


Before you can effectively use any healing technique, you need to understand a few ancient and basic ideas. These ideas will help you work better, be more confident in what you are doing, and concentrate the healing energies in the correct places, which will make a huge difference in whether your healing efforts don’t work, work a little, or work well.

Energy creates everything in the cosmos. Einstein’s theory of relativity and his formula, E = mc2, is based on that concept. However, Einstein was only rediscovering a very ancient truth known to many cultures. This universal, spiritual energy was called mana by the Polynesians, prana by the Hindus, and ch’i by the Chinese.

Because everything is composed of energy, then everything, without exception, can be affected and influenced by energy. This definitely includes deliberately directed energy, whether positive or negative. This is the foundation of truth behind the workings of magick, which is the directing of energy for a specific purpose and the affecting of an idea, object, event, or person by this energy.


Every living body, whether human or animal, is surrounded by what is called an aura (also see this page). Many cultures also believe that every object, whether animate or inanimate, has an aura, which is why we speak of a crystal or an area in nature as having vibrations. The aura we will study here is the human aura.

This aura consists of layers of various types of energy that surround the physical body. The aura’s energy is affected by the universal energy that is everywhere in the cosmos. These layers are also affected by the energy molded by individual thought and action. The aura can be powerfully affected when that energy is gathered and directed by willpower.

The aura is a kind of electromagnetic field, and can be compared to the field that surrounds the earth. We can’t ordinarily see the earth’s electromagnetic field, but scientists know it exists because of gravity, the air it traps around the planet, and the way it makes a compass point to the north. This electromagnetic field around the earth gets denser as one moves closer to the planet from space.

Without this field or atmosphere, the earth would have no life and would not be a living entity itself. The same applies to the human aura. We are surrounded by an electromagnetic atmosphere, which allows us to exist. When this atmosphere becomes fatally contaminated or destroyed, the body dies. The inner layers of the aura, the ones closest to the physical body, are denser than the outer layers. This denseness also makes the inner layers of the aura easier to detect with the hands or a pendulum.

Many scientists have studied the existence of the aura within the last one hundred years or so. Mesmer called it magnetism, Jussieu the electric fluid, Reichenbach the odylic flames, de Rochas the exteriorized sensibility, and Dr. Baraduc the vital rays. The only two scientists, however, to discover a way to show the aura in scientific experiments were Dr. Walter Kilner and Dr. Semyon Kirlian.

Just after the turn of the twentieth century, Dr. Kilner, a British physician and not a psychic, created chemical dye screens using dicyanin dyes. These screens revealed the human aura to untrained eyes. He used these screens to diagnose various physical illnesses and mental conditions. He was extremely accurate and in 1911 wrote a book on the subject, The Human Atmosphere. This book is still in print under the title The Aura. Because what he learned was so unorthodox, Dr. Kilner was attacked by the medical profession and the hospital where he worked, and his medical license was revoked. A weak version of his invention is found today in aura glasses.

Actually, these glasses are nothing more than dark violet plastic held in a cardboard frame. You can get the same results with a piece of dark violet photographic lens plastic held over your eyes. The color helps to open the Third Eye or brow chakra and makes you more sensitive to seeing the aura.

Aura glasses are fun to use but don’t become dependent on them. You can train yourself to see at least the two inner layers of the aura by using a simple technique. Stand in front of a mirror in a darkened bathroom. The only light should come from a half-open door or a dim nightlight. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, remove them; in this case, perfect sight is not beneficial. Look at yourself in the mirror. Focus your gaze slightly beyond your image and let your eyes go out of focus. You may find that squinting your eyes slightly will help. Take your time and don’t try too hard. In a moment or so you will see a thin light around your body. This is your aura.

In some cases, you may also see what appears to be another face overlaying your face. If this happens, you are seeing yourself in a past life. If you have people to work with, you can use another technique. Have one person stand a few feet away from a blank dark wall or in the doorway to a darkened room. Place either a small candle at a safe distance behind them, or have a dim nightlight there. Everyone else should stand about four to eight feet away from this person, viewing their form against the dark background. Use the same eye instructions given above. Take turns looking at each other. In this way, you can see the differences in people’s auras.

In 1939 a Russian couple, Valentina and Semyon Kirlian, developed high-frequency photography that revealed the aura on film. The Russians called this bioplasmic energy. Although Kirlian photography can record on film the state of health, mental conditions through means of energy moving around the body, and whether the emotions present at the time were positive or negative, the scientific world outside of Russia refused to accept this physical proof.

The most recent aura energy researcher is a Japanese physician named Hiroshi Motoyama. He has developed an electronic instrument that can measure the effect of acupuncture and chart the meridian lines in the body. The meridians are rivers of energy that run along specific pathways in the physical body. His findings have elicited little interest in the scientific community outside of Japan.

Knowing about the aura, universal energy and how it affects the aura, and how to use this energy to heal the aura is a vitally important part of magickal healing. If the inner layers of the aura are sick, the physical body will have disease. If the outer layers have problems, it is possible to prevent this trouble from moving closer and affecting the body.

All disease works from the outer layers of the aura inward, until it manifests in the physical form. Some people are born able to see the auras of others, while most others can train themselves to see it. And with just a little training anyone can feel the aura. We all feel it subconsciously and react to certain people getting too close to us. This reaction occurs because a person’s aura may not feel comfortable when it comes in contact with ours.

As a beginner, don’t have unrealistic expectations of what you will see or how it will feel when working with the aura. If you have expectations of some flashy or really spectacular occurrence, you will be disappointed. Most psychics don’t receive flashy impressions.

Good psychics never gush on about violent colors, reciprocating movements (whatever that is), or dissociate harmonics. They are more likely to feel hot, cold, prickly, or a flare of energy within an aura. Some don’t ever see colors but see only light. Some don’t see either of these, but flashes of colors or symbols in their mind.

Remember, your experiences will likely be different from those of other aura readers and workers, so don’t judge yourself by them. Also, your experiences may change as you practice aura healing and become more comfortable with it. The aura itself is composed of nine layers. Not everyone will agree about the composition of these layers, their numbers, or what they reflect. The best way to learn about the aura is to start with simple exercises to find your own energy field.

The Nine Layers of the Aura

The etheric body, the first aura layer, is very close to the physical body, sometimes only a matter of a half-inch or less away from it. It reinforces the shape of the physical form so that the soul or spirit will be contained. It corresponds to the root chakra.

The physical body, the second layer, is tightly connected to the first layer. This layer reflects exactly what is going on in the body at any time and is associated with the belly chakra.

The emotional body is the third layer. Our emotions and our feelings shape this layer and it corresponds to the solar plexus chakra.

The mental body is the fourth layer. It is directly affected and impacted by our thoughts and how strongly we think them. It is associated with the heart chakra.

The astral body is the fifth layer, the essence that links us to the astral plane. The astral plane is where many guiding spirits, guardian angels, and ancestral beings live, as well as where deceased people continue their existence. We travel in the astral body when we sleep at night, when we do shamanic journeys, sometimes during deep meditations, or whenever we have a near-death experience. This layer is associated with the throat chakra. The first five layers of the aura are the ones most commonly seen with the physical eyes.

The sixth layer links us to parallel universes, other dimensions, and cross-time travel. It is also deeply linked to psychic phenomena. It is associated with the brow chakra.

The seventh layer is associated with the past, present, and future. It will often hold clues to past life experiences that are influencing the present life. It is associated with the seventh, or crown chakra. However, layers six through nine are difficult to find and read, particularly for healers without a lot of experience.

The eighth layer is an iridescent egg-shaped layer that can extend as much as four feet beyond the physical body and often has waves of energy rippling through it. This layer reflects the spiritual growth and connection, or lack of it, in the patient. It is connected with the eighth, or transpersonal chakra, that lies above the head.

The ninth layer, sometimes called the ketheric layer, is the only layer that does not completely surround the physical body. Instead, it exists as a small whirling vortex above all the other layers. Because it is associated with the ninth chakra, or universal chakra, it connects all the other layers with the world and energies of spirit. As a beginner, do not expect to detect all the layers. It is uncommon for healers to feel more than the first three or four layers until they have practiced for a very long time.

Aura Healing Exercises

The first exercise is simple. Work in a positive, relaxed atmosphere where you won’t feel self-conscious about what you are doing. Rub your hands briskly together for a few seconds. Then hold your hands, palms facing. You will feel a warm, tingling ball of invisible energy between the palms. Slowly move your hands away from each other until you feel the tingling and warmth begin to dissipate. Move your hands back toward each other until you can feel the sensation again. You have just felt the extent of your own aura between your hands.

Practice this exercise until you are comfortable doing it. You will discover that the extent of your aura will change according to your physical condition and mental attitude. If you are tired or depressed, the aura draws in upon itself and appears to become smaller. When you are elated and feeling refreshed, the aura will expand.

Many healers will rub their hands together just before working on a healing. This sensitizes the minor chakra centers in the palms of the hands and makes them open up for the drawing in and giving out of universal energy. This action will also make the hands more sensitive to the aura of the person on whom they are working.

The next exercise requires a partner. If you don’t have a human partner, you can work with a pet. Rub your hands briskly together as before. Then, keeping your hands about two to four inches from the partner’s body, move your hands up and down and around their body. You will feel the same warm, tingling feeling emanating from them. This is their aura.

You are feeling the dense inner layers of the electromagnetic field that surrounds them. If you discover a place that seems hotter or colder than the rest of the aura, you have discovered a possible trouble spot. You can pour universal energy into this spot by holding your hand there and visualizing white light pouring into it.

Visualization requires that you trust your instincts to make the connection with universal energy and pour it freely through your own aura and body into the patient. Without visualizing, you will pour personal energy into the patient, not universal energy. This will cause you to leave yourself depleted and possibly vulnerable to illnesses. If done properly, you should feel exhilarated because of the influx of universal energy, some of which will remain within your own aura.

If the patient is extremely ill, you may not be able to pour in universal energy fast enough. In this case, it is possible for the patient to drain off your own aura’s energy as well. Unfortunately, you may also experience this psychic draining from people who are not ill. Sometimes they are referred to as the psychic vampires because they feed on the energies of other people.

Most people guilty of this don’t realize on a conscious level what they are doing. They can be the friends who show up feeling depressed and miserable but who leave full of energy. Then you feel depressed and tired. The only way to defend yourself from such people is to throw up a blue psychic shield around you and hope for the best. Or avoid these vampires entirely.

To construct a psychic shield, visualize yourself surrounded by brilliant blue light, or see yourself wearing shining blue armor. Pour more energy into this shield if you feel it weakening. If you are a novice at aura healing, or if you don’t feel comfortable with the draining that can happen during a healing, break the connection at once. Immediately wash your hands or at least wipe them several times against your legs or sides to make certain the connection is broken. This is a good method to practice whenever you have completed an aura healing, as it makes certain the auras’ ties are broken.

Sometimes, you will discover what is known as a flare in an aura. In this case, the field abnormally jumps out from the person’s aura in a long flare. These flares are usually caused by emotional distress of some kind. Left unattended, they can burn a hole in the aura’s layers and let in diseases.

Touching a flare may bring with it mental images or feelings of the emotion that caused the problem. If you suddenly feel anger, sadness, or depression in a flare, that is a good indication that the patient is either going through or just passed through intense events that triggered such feelings. Again, try to seal the hole with universal energy. You may have to smooth over this flare several times before it will stay in its proper place. However, unless the emotional distress is remedied, the flare will soon pop out in the aura again.

As in all healings, the patient must actively take a part in their own healing and be responsible enough to correct what needs correcting on a physical level. Every time you touch an aura in healing, even for a brief moment, you may make a significant change, so be certain you are in a positive frame of mind. Otherwise, you may transfer negative energy even though you don’t mean to. Always finish an aura reading or healing by swiftly moving your hands from the top to the bottom of the aura, thus sealing it again.

You need to practice touching auras as much as you can with a variety of people. For this reason, it is nice to work with a group of people studying aura healing. In this way you can acquaint yourself with different auras and broaden your own understanding of the subject. Also, you will notice that an aura will change from one time to the next, depending upon what health or life conditions the person is experiencing.


The aura is closely connected with what are called chakras. Chakra means “wheel of fire.” Traditionally, there are seven major chakras, although there are many minor chakras also. The chakras are whirling vortexes of energy in the aura and etheric body that suck in universal energy when they are working properly. If partially or completely blocked, a chakra will cause a breakdown in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. This results in illness.

In Hindu belief, the prana, which is universe energy, comes in seven colors that match the seven major chakras of the human body. These colored universal rays constantly move into and out of well-balanced chakras, keeping the body healthy and vital. If you want to do complete magickal healing, you need to acquaint yourself with these chakras, where they are, what they do, and learn how to put them into balance.

There are eleven important chakras of the etheric body, and a gemstone is associated with each chakra. Some believe there are thirty-two major and minor chakras, but these eleven are the most important in healing.

The chakras radiate out from the spinal column to the front of the body and connect with the etheric body, or that portion of the aura that is closest to the physical body. Healthy chakra colors are pure, not dark or muddy. Impure colors signal a disease or possible problem. The size, shape, and intensity of the colors reveal the development and health of each person. Partially blocked chakras are common, because we live in an imperfect physical world and are not perfect beings.

As with the aura, not all healers will see the chakras. However, they can be felt with the hands and imbalances will respond to a pendulum. Sometimes the chakras will create a feeling of color or condition in your mind. Learn to trust your instincts when working with the chakras for healing. Your first impression will likely be correct.

Never work on just one chakra, particularly the root chakra. Overstimulating one chakra will cause major imbalance in all of them. You can do major harm by working on a single chakra. Instead, work on all seven major chakras during a healing, beginning with the root chakra and working up to the crown chakra.

You will notice in reading the descriptions of the chakras that diseases can be related to more than one chakra. This happens because the chakras are all connected.

The Eleven Chakras

The first chakra is the root chakra. This is found at the base of the spinal column. The traditional color is red, and the associated glands are the ovaries and testes. This is the survival center and corresponds to physical needs and survival instincts, procreative urges, willpower, and the establishment of success or failure.

Imbalance in this chakra can cause circulation problems, depression, infertility because of slow ovulation rates or low sperm count, low energy, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, spastic colon, Crohn’s disease, chronic constipation, adrenal dysfunction, Addison’s disease, depression, chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety, premature aging, anemia, frostbite, neuralgia, paralysis, or troubles with the menses.

Stones: Garnet, black obsidian, smoky quartz, hematite, black onyx.

The second chakra is the belly chakra, sometimes known as the
spleen chakra. It lies just below the navel in the center of the abdomen. Its color is orange and the associated glands are the adrenal glands that lie atop each kidney. This chakra is vital because it transforms lower energy into higher.

Blockage is common because many diseases occur from mental or emotional patterns of thought or emotional traumas. Work on this chakra for many types of nervousness, eczema, difficult skin diseases, coughs, exhaustion, menstrual cramps, arthritis, sexual disorders, the kidneys, worry, defensiveness, hatred, menopausal problems, mood changes, hormonal decline, urological problems, impotence, prostate and testicular problems, trouble with the lower back, and uterine, cervical, and other general sex organ difficulties.

Stones: Carnelian, Mexican fire opal.

The solar plexus chakra lies just above the navel in the center of the abdomen. Its traditional color is yellow; it is associated with the islands of Langerhans located on the pancreas. These glands regulate the amount of insulin released into the body.

Clear this chakra when working on stomach and duodenal ulcers, diabetes, insomnia, flu, fear, exhaustion, indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption syndrome, hepatitis, gallbladder trouble, cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, diabetes, swelling of the spleen, all types of abdominal cancers, emotional frustration, deep emotional pain, bitterness, and deep fear.

Stones: Golden amber, tiger’s eye, citrine, green fluorite, malachite.

These three lower chakras are the most earthy and are connected with earthly emotions and needs as well as energies. The next four upper chakras are more closely connected with a mixture of earthly and spiritual energies.

The heart chakra is located in the center of the upper chest. Its color is green, and the associated gland is the thymus. Unblock this chakra when working on diseases of the heart and lungs, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, arteriosclerosis, asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, the stomach, intestinal trouble and ulcers, the eyes, sunburn, headaches, infections, difficulty with the blood and bones (particularly with cancer in these areas), repressed emotional pain, insecurity, deep loneliness or love loss, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and polymyositis.

Stones: Green jade, aventurine, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline, chrysoprase, malachite.

The throat chakra is in the front area of the throat just above the points of the collarbone. Its color is electric blue or turquoise and it is associated with the thyroid glands. Use healing on this chakra for pain, burns, sleep, calming of emotions, headaches, inflammations, infections, swellings, fever, menstrual cramps, laryngitis, colds, flu, tonsillitis, mastoiditis, poor thyroid function, chronic laryngitis, parathyroid gland lesions, esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, and irritations of the throat, sinuses, and the nose.

Stones: Azurite, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, turquoise, blue lace agate.

The brow chakra is located in the center of the forehead, between and just above the eyes. This is also the area of the psychic Third Eye. Its color is indigo or a bluish purple; its gland is the pineal. Clear this chakra for headaches, muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders, deafness, mental and nervous disorders, pneumonia, eye and nose disease, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, strokes, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and lingering negativity of thought.

Stones: Sodalite, sugilite, amethyst, purple fluorite, lapis lazuli.

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. Its gland is the pituitary, and its color is violet or white. Rarely you will see gold in this chakra. Spiritual awakening in this area will connect the person to the eighth and ninth chakras, which are associated with realms of high spiritual growth. Unblock this chakra for stress, sleep problems, stress diseases, nervousness, low melatonin secretion, low immunity, diseases of the physical brain, spiritual imbalances, cataracts, mental disorders, and tumors and diseases of the scalp, skull, and brain.

Stones: Amethyst, clear quartz; blue, white, or gold fluorite.

The eighth chakra is the transpersonal chakra, which lies about eighteen inches above the crown of the head and is not directly connected with the physical body. It is a transitional chakra that mediates between the physical and the spiritual. Its color is pure white or a flashing of rainbow colors, as seen in a crystal when exposed to sunlight. No physical diseases are directly associated with this chakra. However, on rare occasions you may see a deep spiritual disease here, one that has lingered or continued through several lifetimes.

Stone: Clear quartz crystal.

The ninth chakra, or universal chakra, lies about six inches above the transpersonal chakra. This chakra is totally disconnected from the physical and has only connections with the pure spiritual part of a human. It is a direct pipeline for each person with the Goddess/God or Supreme Universal Force. No diseases are ever found in this chakra, although it may be almost completely closed due to lack of spiritual growth.

Stone: Clear quartz crystal or rutilated crystal.

The eighth and ninth chakras rarely need to be worked on during a healing, as their energies and purposes are so esoteric that it is difficult for a healer to manage them. The patient, however, can clear these with prayer and meditation.

The minor chakras in the palm of each hand are very sensitive; they can send out universal energy, as well as gather and direct it toward a physical person or a mental goal. It is frequently helpful during a healing for the patient to hold a crystal in each hand.

Stones: Clear quartz crystal, amber, amethyst.

The other minor chakras in the sole of each foot are useful for drawing earth energy upward into a patient. Because we are beings of the earth, we use a lot of earth energy as well as universal, spiritual energy. This earth energy helps us maintain our connection with the planet earth and deal with everyday life.

These chakras are also important in that they allow us to discharge negative energy back into the earth where it is transformed into positive energy. They also ground us and siphon off excess energy. It is beneficial for people to walk barefoot whenever possible for these reasons.

Stones: Clear quartz crystal, smoky quartz, black obsidian, black onyx.

DAY 4 Chakra Healing

There are three methods for working on the chakras, all of them simple to learn and use. In the first, the patient lies on their back in a comfortable position. Now simply lay the appropriate stones over the areas for each chakra. Put the stone for the crown chakra leaning against the top of the head. Place a clear quartz crystal in each hand and near the sole of each foot, with a larger clear quartz crystal just above the crown chakra stone.

Beginning at the root chakra and ending with the universal chakra, hold your dominant or power hand over each stone as you tone “Om.” If you can’t bring yourself to tone “Om,” instead say “Amen.” When you finish, sweep your hand from the universal chakra down to the root chakra. This draws down high spiritual energy to flood each chakra and break loose any obstructions.

The second method requires the use of a pendulum and one-inch squares of correctly colored paper to match each chakra. Lens plastic is especially good and can be purchased at photography stores. Again, you work from red (root chakra) to violet (crown chakra). Before beginning this pendulum-chakra work, determine which is your power hand. Ordinarily, the power hand is the one you use most of the time. However, in a few individuals, they may find that the power hand is the opposite of the one they use. Go with the hand you feel most comfortable using.

If you are working on yourself, hold the pendulum in your power hand and an appropriately colored square in the palm of the other hand. Hold the pendulum over the paper while you visualize the chakra on which you will be working. If there is a blockage, and thus a decreased amount of energy in that chakra, the pendulum will circle clockwise or counterclockwise until the correction is made. If the chakra doesn’t need work, the pendulum will not swing. When finished with one chakra, take up the next colored square in order, and repeat the process. Continue to do this until you have treated all the chakras.

If you are working on a patient, have them lie on the back in a comfortable position. Hold the pendulum in your power hand and the appropriately colored paper square in the other. Hold the pendulum over the patient’s corresponding chakra and visualize the color. Again, the pendulum will swing clockwise or counterclockwise until the correction is complete. Continue up to the seventh chakra at the crown of the head.

Some pendulum users disagree about the counterclockwise swing. However, this assumes that all people react in the same manner when detecting chakra energy. Pendulum swings and energy detection differ from person to person. With practice, you can determine which is the correct swing for you when using a pendulum. When using a pendulum for chakra correction, there doesn’t appear to be a specific reason why the pendulum swings one way or the other. For most healers, a clockwise swing will be normal.

The third method of chakra cleansing again requires the patient to lie on their back. Hold the palm of your power hand above the area of the root chakra and your other palm above the area of the second chakra. Tone “Om” or “Amen.” Move the power hand to the second chakra and your other hand to the third chakra, and tone again.

Repeat this process, moving up one chakra each time until you reach the crown chakra. While you hold your power hand above the crown chakra, hold your other hand above the root chakra. This links all the chakras and causes energy to run in a continuous loop through these light centers. Chakra and aura healing are simple magickal healing methods. They are easy to use and very effective.

DAY 5 The Healing Touch

For thousands of years, many ancient peoples were healed by touch and magick. In the temples at Malta and Gozo, the sick slept in huge stone chambers, while priestesses there communed with the Gods and did their healing magick. Egyptian healing books dating as far back as 1,800 BCE combined healing and spells. In the early Irish Celtic society, healers at a royal hospital, called the Bearg, or House of Sorrows, at Tara used special magickal stones, water from sacred wells, charms, and magick, as well as herbs and surgery. The Irish medical schools were so highly esteemed that students came from all parts of Europe to learn the techniques. All ancient healers were connected with the spiritual in some manner.

Ancient Eastern healing methods describe meridians and nadis (pronounced naw-dees) running through the body. There are twelve major channels for the ch’i, or universal energy, to flow through, with many other branching channels. These all end in the fingers and toes. Think of meridians as rivers, streams, and tributaries for universal energy that flow in specific channels and do not change. They are all connected to nerve endings in the physical and etheric bodies. Both the meridians and chakras take in cosmic energy and distribute it to every body organ. The aura holds this energy in place unless the aura is damaged.

The Chinese use these meridians or streams of energy during acupuncture treatments. If there is a blockage in the meridian, the acupuncture treatments release it. Some of these meridians are also used in reflexology and acupressure for the same results. If you decide to use any of the points known in acupressure or reflexology, take great care when working on the very young, the elderly, or the very sick. Sudden breakage of blocks of negative energy can overload the body and the aura, thus making the patient even sicker.

In Japanese shiatsu massage, the therapist uses both acupressure and a special kind of massage to break blockages in the meridians. Healers must have some spiritual path in their lives, even if it is only the belief in a supreme creative force, a power without a name. Having a spiritual path is not the same as belonging to a church or group. Technically you don’t have to believe in a superior force to heal, but I’ve yet to see a nonbeliever be able to accept the fact of spiritual healing. The healer and the patient need not believe in the same spiritual path to create a healing. It is not the healer’s place, either, to discuss religion with any patient.

Healing by touch involves not only the accepted tradition of laying on of hands, but also aura massage, aura cleaning, and aura sealing. It requires patience, dedication, and practice to learn. You don’t have to be psychic, nor do you have to practice a certain religion. As long as you have a spiritually motivated desire to help someone who is ill, you can get results.


Find Your Power Hand

Before you begin using your healing touch, you must decide which is your power hand and which is your removal hand. Ordinarily, your power hand is the one you use most often. If you are right-handed, this would be your right hand, and your left hand would be the removal hand. If you are left-handed, it would be the reverse. Hereafter, when the power hand is mentioned, you should use the hand you determined was your power hand.

The power hand draws in universal energy and directs it to the aura or body when healing someone. The removal hand draws off negative or excess aura energy and returns it to the earth or the cosmos, where it is automatically recycled into positive energy. In other words, you put in with your power hand and take out with your removal hand.

Healing Methods

Before undertaking any healing methods on a patient, you should first systematically check the patient’s aura and chakras with your hands. Check and rebalance the chakras with your pendulum. Then run your hands through the outer layers of the aura. Look for hot or cold spots, places that seem to leak energy, hard and inflexible areas, and the long flares that shoot out from the aura. A badly diseased site may make your hands feel burned or frozen because of the intensity of the blockage or the violent release of energy.

A person may be able to hide their true character when interacting with others, but it always shows in the aura. The aura will always reflect a person’s habits, tendencies, emotional moods, and physical condition, as well as any potential or existing diseases.

Until you have practiced for many years and become proficient in handling cosmic energy, do not touch a patient’s body during a healing. Until you learn how to regulate the flow of energy through your hands, touching patients’ bodies may transfer the energy too quickly and cause greater disruption of their aura. Keep your hands two to four inches away from the body at all times.


Also remember that everything in the universe, even a single thought, is composed of energy. Therefore, wherever you place your attention, the cosmic energy you pull into your hands will follow your thoughts to that place. This is especially important to know when working with the aura, for you must direct the universal energy both with your hands and your thoughts.

There are five main aura disturbances that may cause health problems:

1) slow leaks, lesions, and tears;

2) more toxic or negative energy than the aura can process;

3) flares;

4) stagnation of energy in any one place;

5) collapse of aura areas.

All of these disturbances must be healed and sealed before the patient can recover. Slow leaks and tears will emit energy. These will feel like moving tingles on the palm of your power hand. They are usually caused by minor emotional difficulties or life problems. People may have many of these little tears during the course of a day, and most of them seal themselves. However, if a person is dealing with a major problem or an attitude that may attract a disease, these unhealed leaks and tears can allow greater damage to occur.

A lesion feels like a small rough spot in the aura. It is the site of a past damage that didn’t make it completely through the aura’s layers. This is like a scar on the physical body and is a potential area for future problems unless softened and sealed by cosmic energy.

A flare can be caused by two things: too much unprocessed energy in an aura or a huge disastrous break in an aura. Having too much energy is similar to hyperventilation. The aura and chakras become clogged with excess energy brought in by the subconscious during a time of stress. This energy will churn purposelessly until it sours and changes into negative energy. In this case, a flare is an aura’s attempt to rid itself of this “infection.” To correct this, the healer must use their removal hand to help draw out the negative energy. Then using the power hand, the healer must seal the break. This type of flare will feel either very cold or very hot.

The flare caused by a huge break may feel like energy rushing out, rather like a hole in a dam. The patient will likely feel extremely tired all the time. Such flares are always caused by large emotional traumas or extremely serious diseases. You should begin by massaging and cleaning the aura, as explained later in this section. Then balance the chakras. Follow this by holding the power hand over the flare for some time and doing the usual aura smoothing.

Stagnation of energy in one place will create hot or cold spots in the aura. This can be either a site for an undetected disease or a potential one. A collapsed aura is usually found in patients who are extremely ill or close to death. You may also find a collapsed aura in someone contemplating suicide. A collapse can manifest in two ways:

1) the aura is so close to the body that it appears to be almost nonexistent; 2) the aura has deep indentations.

The indentations will feel like large inward dips in the patient’s aura, as if a chunk of aura has been removed. The deeper the pit, the more aura layers are involved. This indicates a disease that has reached the spiritual levels or that began there. In cases of collapse, the healer must work on the seventh and eighth aura layers first, because no input of cosmic energy or chakra rebalancing will hold until these levels are repaired.

Disease or illness is primarily a disruption and imbalance of a body’s chakras and aura. Negative energy works its way inward through the aura’s layers until it affects the chakras and meridian lines in the etheric body, thus causing blockages. Blockages are congested pools of negative energy that break down the physical body’s resistance and often provide
food for bacteria and viruses or mental or spiritual collapse. This condition creates openings and opportunities for a disease to manifest itself in the physical body. Because all disease is considered an imbalance, it is possible that epidemics may be caused by imbalances in an entire group of people.

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to detect exactly what caused a disease. To cure a disease is impossible without full cooperation of the patient. Diseases can arise for a number of different reasons. Past or present emotional traumas and constant stress, which weaken the aura, may be to blame. So may severe and persistent character flaws, such as extreme, constant impatience, revengeful attitudes, compulsive behavior, or constantly dwelling on the negative. Other culprits can be an inherited family tendency or a past life tendency toward a specific disease. A healer can heal the visible physical symptoms by repairing the aura and rebalancing the chakras. However, unless the patient does much introspection and makes conscious changes in spiritual outlook, lifestyle, habits, and diet, the healing will not hold.

Other accidents and diseases may have more of a physical cause, such as man made substances like chemicals. In the case of accidents, something in the lifestyle or life path plan weakened a portion of the aura, which then allowed the accident to happen. Man made substances may weaken the aura and then damage the physical body. Everything works from the outer layers of the aura inward to the physical body.

Instead of searching for the root problem or passing judgment, you should concentrate on healing the aura and chakras. If you receive mental pictures of symbols or inwardly hear a message about a cause of disease, you must determine if the patient is open to these before passing along the impressions or messages. It is a patient’s responsibility to make changes that will aid the healing. Always suggest ways for patients to self-heal, never demand that they do it. And always ask patients if they wish to be healed before you begin.


When you prepare for a healing, have the patient sit in a straight chair or lie on their back. Try to use the chair method, because the patient does not have to turn over during the healing and the healer can move easily around the patient to check all sections of the aura. Before you begin a healing, and between healings of more than one patient, you should always calm your mind by taking several slow, deep breaths and saying a prayer. In fact, it is very beneficial if the healer takes time to meditate briefly before doing a healing.

Visualize yourself surrounded by a brilliant white light, as if the sun were directly over your head and shining straight into your crown chakra. Feel any negative energy in your body and aura pouring out through your feet into the earth. When the negative energy flow ceases, feel the earth energy flow up through your feet and mingle with the sun energy. This visualization connects you to both the spiritual cosmic energy and the grounding earth energy of this planet.

Those who are ill can also use this exercise to help heal themselves. Drawing in the white fire of the sun also helps treat cancer, while the softer, gentler earth energy is useful for soothing all illnesses.

Next, briskly rub your hands together. Then cup them about 6 to 8 inches apart so you feel the energy ball between them. If your energy isn’t strong enough, do more deep breathing and repeat the sun fire visualization. Then rub your hands again to check your energy. A weak healer always runs the risk of inadvertently drawing off energy instead of putting it into the patient’s aura. A weak healer can also pick up disease symptoms from a patient.

To begin an aura massage, balance the patient’s chakras. This will move the blocked energy of the chakras either out of the etheric body entirely or deposit it into the aura, as in a difficult case of illness. To remove this transferred negative energy or any previously residing negative energy from the aura, you need to break it up by massage and scrape it away.

For the best results in aura massage, you need to work through the aura in a definite pattern. Begin in the aura around the head. With your power hand, work the aura with your fingers in a downward scratching motion. Work over the head and down the neck first. Use the side of your removal hand to rake or brush the aura in a downward movement. This scrapes the negative residue off the massaged portion. Flick your removal hand frequently when doing this.

Continue the massage and raking motions over the left shoulder and down the left arm to the fingertips. When you reach the fingers, scrape the residue off the hand with a flicking movement of your removal hand. Go back to the right shoulder and repeat this massaging and scraping until the right arm is cleared. Do the same over the back and chest to the waist, then massage and rake over each leg to the feet. Always flick off the residue when you reach the fingers and toes.

When massaging and cleaning the aura in this manner, you may discover hard or resistant spots. This area can feel like a callous or a hard scab. Negative energy has been in this area so long it has solidified and will take extra work, perhaps even extra healing sessions before you can break it loose.

After washing your hands or rubbing them briskly against your legs, go back and smooth the entire aura from head to feet. Check for any flares, tears, or leaks in the aura that you may have missed in the initial work. If you find any, seal them by creating balls of energy between your hands and applying this directly to the troubled area with your power hand.

Hold the energy there with your hand until it attaches. If the problem area is a flare, remember to pull out the excess energy with your removal hand before attaching the energy ball. Until you get the excess energy under control, you will not be able to successfully seal the aura.

Repeat the chakra balancing with your pendulum and then seal the entire aura again. Ground the patient by placing your power hand in the outer aura layers while you visualize all excess energy flowing into the earth through your removal hand.

While some believe a healer can’t pick up negative energy from a patient’s aura, it has been found that this transfer of negative energy is possible, particularly if the healer’s body or mind has problems that resonate with the patient’s. If you suddenly find yourself dealing with anger, sadness, depression, or vindictiveness after giving a healing, you probably picked up negative vibrations from the patient. In this case, quickly run your hands through your aura from the head to the feet and wipe away these energies while they are still on the outer layers.

Try not to do too many healings in a day or a week. You can become too tired if you stretch your efforts and time too much. A properly done healing requires more time than a beginner would think. Only healers who have practiced for many years should do more than one or two healings per day. If you have no healer to work on you, you can do the aura massage and cleaning by yourself. However, it is more difficult to find trouble areas in your own aura.

DAY 7 Meditation and Visualization

Meditation is a vital part of healing for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Unfortunately, many people still think of meditation as sitting in a full lotus pose with a blank mind. Unless you are adept at yoga, you will have to force your body into the full lotus pose, and all you will be able to think about is pain. Fortunately, this isn’t the only way to meditate. In Western meditation methods, it doesn’t even require that you keep a blank mind.

Meditation is simply a method that helps quiet scattered and racing thoughts. By doing this, it reduces stress and heals the body, mind, and spirit. Meditation in its many versions has been around for centuries, and is part of many religions in one form or another.

The word meditation is derived from the Indian Sanskrit word medha, which means “doing the wisdom.” It can also be traced back to the Latin root word meditari, which means “to muse or ponder.” Most religions recognize some form of meditation, whether it is simply prayer and contemplation or saying a rosary.

Using prayer beads during a meditation is an Eastern—and Western—practice. But meditation can be practiced by anyone of any religion or anyone without a religion. It is a method to calm your emotional and physical bodies and relieve stress. Since 50 to 80 percent of all illnesses are stress-related in some manner, meditation is a valuable tool for healing.

Caregivers are frequently forgotten partners in treating a sick person. The stress on a caregiver increases dramatically when the illness is extremely serious or long-term. This stress increases if the caregiver has no one to help. This places the caregiver at risk for illness. Meditation is an inexpensive therapy the caregiver can practice without leaving home.

Meditation also produces what is known as an altered state of consciousness. Shamans know that an altered state of consciousness is
necessary to heal yourself or another person. You can’t force yourself to achieve this. Shamans frequently produce this trancelike state through drums and dancing.

Modern meditation allows you to ease gently into an altered state of consciousness in which the physical body is so relaxed that the meditator is no longer aware of it. The consciousness is raised to the level of the eighth and ninth chakras, a place where communication with the Divine is possible and secret universal healing knowledge is available. When you reach this state, you can mold universal energy into any healing form you choose, and the healing will be complete.

Some people like to burn candles or incense while meditating. If you do this, be certain that the candle or incense is in a fireproof container in a safe place well away from anything that could catch fire. Lavender is a good relaxing scent. If you use lavender in an aromatherapy burner, make sure that there is enough water in the container so that the hot oil won’t pop out and make a mess or crack the container. If you use incense, don’t set it close to you or use it in a small room. The smoke can make you cough or choke. If you don’t like incense smoke, place a few drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball in a small dish.

If you feel more comfortable following a guided meditation tape, you can purchase these or make them yourself. Then you can replay the tape whenever you meditate.

Visualization techniques entice your subconscious mind to heal the body. The subconscious mind understands only symbols and pictures, so visualization connects you with it. As the saying goes, change your mind and you change your life. Healing visualizations are also essential if a healer is working on a sick person some distance away.

Choose a meditation spot where you will not be disturbed. Play your meditation tape or a soft, nonvocal tape of music. To begin a meditation, sit in a straight-backed chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap. If you prefer, you can sit cross-legged on the floor with a pillow under the back portion of your buttocks. This will tip you slightly forward so that you rest on a portion of your knees. If you are ill and in bed, lie flat on your back with a pillow under your knees and another under your head.

If you really want to try a yogic pose for meditation, most people can safely do the half-lotus. Sit cross-legged with one foot on the opposite thigh but the other foot on the floor. Don’t use this position if it causes you pain. Meditation isn’t about enduring pain but about relaxing and connecting with the flow of universal energy and information. You will never be in any spiritual danger while meditating. You can end the meditation simply by opening your eyes. Your body and soul won’t be possessed by evil spirits, either.

A Healing Meditation

Close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath. When you exhale, purse your lips, tighten your body muscles, and blow slowly. This expels any stale air that is in the bottom of your lungs. This exhalation method is also helpful to people who hyperventilate or have asthma.

Now relax again and take another slow, deep breath. As you inhale, visualize a bright white light or the sun over your head. See this light filling your body as the breath fills your lungs. When you exhale slowly and normally, this light will wash out all negative energy and emotions within you. Breathing normally, begin to mentally tell your body to relax, beginning with the feet and legs and ending with the shoulders, neck, and head muscles. Take your time but don’t dwell too long on this part of the exercise.

If you try too hard to relax, you will defeat your purpose. After a short time, visualize yourself standing beside a small stream of running water. Take all of your negative emotions and events (including troublesome people) and throw them into the stream. This action tells the subconscious mind that these people and events should be resolved or removed from your life.

You turn away from the stream and see a wall with a door. You go to the door and open it. Inside is an empty room with a chair. On the wall in front of the chair is a huge screen, like a movie screen. You sit in the chair and look at the screen. You will use this screen and the power within this room to build yourself an Other world healing temple where you can go to heal yourself or work on healing for others.

Begin building this temple by visualizing on the screen what setting you wish it to be in: on top of a mountain, beside the sea or a lake, in the forest, out on a desert, even on the moon or in the clouds. The setting can be anything you wish. Now, mentally construct the temple in any shape, of any size, and of any material you wish. You may want it to look like a castle or perhaps like a giant seashell. The choice is yours. Create any windows and doors you want. Now, go inside your healing temple and decorate the interior in any manner you want.

You may wish to have your main healing room within a place of worship, or it may look like a modern house furnished with soft beds for patients or yourself to lie upon. You can come to this Other world place anytime you are in meditation, either to be healed, to relax, or to work on healing for another. This is your refuge from stress and your spot to connect with universal energy. Take as much time as you need to create this sacred space.

It will remain intact in the ethereal realms, waiting for you whenever you enter meditation. When you are ready to return to this time and place, open your eyes and move slowly until you are reoriented. You can return to your healing temple at any time. Just be certain that you dump the negatives before you go there so you don’t contaminate your healing space.

To do healing work in your temple, mentally call the name of the sick person. Their astral body will appear in the temple, and you can begin your work.

To heal yourself, lie down on one of your healing beds in the temple and call for your spiritual guides, guardian angels, or a deity to help you. If you experience painful memories while in meditation, acknowledge their existence, but tell yourself that you will not let them control or influence your life. You may need to drop them into the stream several times before your subconscious mind gets the message that you don’t need to relive these any longer.

Sometimes, you will get visions of unfamiliar events. These are images from past lives, images that contain clues to present problems and health trouble. If you are healing another person, these unbidden images belong to them. Look closely at these fragmentary events for clues to present life troubles. These past life memories are dealt with the same as those from your past in this life.

At some time during a meditation, you may become aware of something attached to you that you didn’t know was there. If healing another person, you may see something attached to them. These are called “cordings.” Cordings are attachments between people. These cordings may arise in this lifetime or in past lives.

Although they appear positive between good friends, lovers, and close family members, they are frequently negative connections that you don’t want or need. You may see these in meditation as a rope-like attachment to one or all of your, or the patient’s, first three chakras. They are usually dull and muddy in color, although active ones can appear fire-red. You can sever and eliminate these unwanted energy drainers and controllers by visualizing a bright sword or a flaming torch in your power hand.

Simply cut or burn the cordings in two. It may take several attempts to completely sever strong cordings. Your own silver (sometimes a light blue) cord that attaches your astral body (soul) to the physical body is always with you and is not the same as a negative cording. The silver cord can’t be suddenly attacked by evil astral entities and severed. It detaches itself when your life is finished, and only then. It is possible that you will meet spiritual guides, guardian angels, or deceased loved ones while meditating. They want to help you. If they make you uncomfortable, ask them to leave.

Mantras and Mudras

Sometimes you may wish to meditate on a more spiritual level without using a guided journey. In this case, you can use mantras and mudras. Mudras, however, can be used in either type of meditation, guided or silent. A mantra is a single word or a series of words that center and calm the user through their vibrational qualities.

This word or series of words is chanted with each exhalation of breath while you meditate. A mudra is a hand gesture that has held a certain meaning for thousands of years. A few of these are explained below. In the ancient Hindu tradition these mudras, or hand gestures, are considered very powerful. Some mudras are also quite elaborate. The ones listed here are simple and can be used easily by anyone during meditation to increase their contact with the spiritual and to amplify healing energy.

The Chalice and Gomukha mudras are inconspicuous enough that you can use them at almost any time. The Om mudra is usually made when chanting the mantra “Om (ohm).” In this gesture, you bring the tips of the thumb and index finger of each hand together to form a circle. The hands are rested palms up on the knees.

The Namaste mudra is done by holding the palms of the hands flat together, fingers pointing upward, at heart level, as if in prayer. This gesture honors God/Goddess and the spiritual flame within every other person. The powerful Chalice mudra is usually made while sitting in the half- lotus pose. It represents the receiving of spiritual blessings and healing energy from the Divine. Hold your hands together, slightly cupped. Let the tips of the thumbs touch. If your right foot is on the opposite thigh in the half-lotus, put the right hand inside the left. If your left foot is on the opposite thigh, place the left hand inside the right. Hold your hands just below your navel.

The Gomukha mudra is a powerful gesture to use when your energy feels scattered and you are having difficulty concentrating. Interlace the fingers of both hands while holding one thumb on top of the other. Hold your hands in your lap. Combine the mudras with chants and affirmations, and you will greatly enhance both your meditations and their results.

Often, physical visual effects are helpful during a meditation. The person meditating can look at certain symbols before and after a meditation to help produce an altered state of consciousness. Some healers make healing altars and have candles and clear quartz crystals placed around a photo or paper bearing the patient’s name. The same technique can be used in absent healing.

If you want to intensify and strengthen your meditations, place certain tarot cards and stones where you can see them before and after a healing meditation. If you have a photo of the sick person, place this in the center of your cards and stones. If you don’t have a photo, write the patient’s full name on a piece of paper instead.

If you use one tarot card, place a stone on each side of it or surround it with stones. If you use several tarot cards, alternate the cards and stones around the photo or name of the sick person.

Day 8 Tarots

THE CHARIOT Self-discipline, willpower, forging ahead.

THE EMPRESS The Goddess or Mary, compassion, emotional order, good luck.

FOUR OF SWORDS Rest, recuperation, quiet contemplation, regrouping of energy.

THE HERMIT Peace in solitude, hidden knowledge brought to light.

NINE OF CUPS Wishes granted.

SIX OF SWORDS Journeying away from problems, improved situation.


THE STAR Balance and harmony, peace, spiritual enlightenment.

STRENGTH Inner control of emotions and problems, harnessing inner strength.

THE SUN Good health, enlightenment, healing.

TEMPERANCE Brings harmony, balance, and tranquility.

TEN OF CUPS Joy and contentment, complete happiness, permanent success.

Healing Stones

AGATE, RED This stone brings peace and calmness, and aids in healing blood diseases.

AMBER This stone soothes and heals. It increases the strength of your healing spells and meditations.

AMETHYST This stone helps strengthen your communication with your spiritual teachers and guardians. It also aids in achieving the altered state of consciousness.

CARNELIAN This stone strengthens and energizes the blood and internal organs. It also aids in regenerating damaged tissue.

HEMATITE This stone releases stress and brings in optimism, will, and courage.

LAPIS LAZULI This stone is one of the greatest healers and purifiers. It helps reduce tension and stress, as well as balance the chakras.

MALACHITE This stone heals the heart and circulatory system, revitalizes the body and mind, and regenerates tissue. It also stabilizes the energy and heals the chakras.

ONYX, BLACK This stone deflects and destroys negative energy, particularly the kind sent by others. It aids with spiritual inspiration, balancing karmic debt, and helps when facing transformational events.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL, CLEAR This stone is a great healer and also amplifies all healing energy.

QUARTZ, ROSE This stone helps heal emotional wounds and release negative emotions. It attracts universal love and healing energies.

A good healer is always searching for new methods of healing. If you are interested in making your own healing weapons. Never give up hope and never stop your healing work for yourself or a patient. When it seems the darkest, a change is often right around the corner. Willpower directed through a healing meditation is very powerful. It can also be a spiritually uplifting experience for the patient, the caregiver, and the healer.

Affirmations and Chants

Healers of all ages, past and present, have known that the patient’s will to recover and the will to live are essential for a healing. Sick people can die quickly of a nonfatal disease if they give up hope and believe they will die. We see this combination of illness and despair more and more, because modern medicine has separated the body from the mind and spirit in healing.

You would think we would learn to reinforce modern medicine with ancient alternative practices that will heal the entire person, on all levels. Without healing a patient on all levels, there can be no complete healing.

There are physicians who believe in the connection between irresponsible or negative thinking and illnesses.


It is the responsibility of patients and their families to take active roles in healing. The easiest method is to use positive affirmations, which are short sentences, without negative words. For example, don’t say, “George doesn’t have cancer.” Instead, say, “George is completely healed.” And hold a mental picture of George happy and healthy. If a negative thought does arise, immediately counter it by saying, “I don’t accept that!”

Never speak of a disease as a reality unless this is counteracted by positive words, for this sets into motion disintegrating forces within the body, mind, and spirit. Instead of claiming a disease, speak of it as the disease, not my cold, or George’s cancer.

Negative thoughts, words, and attitudes have become so much a part of human life that they arise without our being aware of them. However, the subconscious mind recognizes these and acts upon them. The subconscious reaction to negatives appears first in the aura, then in the body in the form of diseases. If you say something negative about an illness or disease, or someone says something negative to you, immediately and mentally say, “No, I don’t accept that.” Then replace it with “I (or the patient’s name) am getting well.”

Negative-speaking and -thinking people are detrimental to your health. Avoid them, when possible. This includes people who are always complaining, making excuses, blaming others for their actions, and finding fault with others. Life is difficult enough without added problems, so choose your companions carefully.

Cancer is a difficult disease for orthodox modern medicine to cure. It is also a difficult disease for psychic healers and may require many treatments over a long period of time. With cancer, more than any other disease, patients must truthfully look at their life and thoughts, and make changes.

Many cancer patients refuse to discuss their feelings. However, they may be seething inwardly with anger, power, control, betrayal, or other emotional traumas. The aura’s layers may hold the beginnings of this disease for years before the problem reaches the physical body.

When cancer is still in the aura’s layers, healers may find intense hot spots that will burn their hands with flares of excess energy or see it as a black area with coruscating red dots flashing in it. This black spot will be perpendicular to the body where it will eventually manifest unless rooted out.

The closer to the body the spot is in the aura, the more compacted the disease is and the sooner it may manifest. All cancers already in the body will show this dark area and the aura will feel extremely hot there. Although the healer may work on the aura, the patient must perform self-healing by affirmations and positive visualizations to attack and eradicate this disease.

Ancient healers knew about cancer, but not to the extent we know of it today. They were also aware that people can become predisposed to the disease through bottled-up negative emotions.

If you hold on to a negative past and injustices done to you, you are poisoning your aura and body. This type of attitude attracts more such negative experiences your way, adding to the debris piling up within your aura until a disease will at last erupt in the physical body.

Anyone, regardless of their religious background, can use affirmations, which are about health, not religion. If you want a religious-based practice, however, you can use prayer. Prayer is simply a form of spiritual affirmation that can bring about healing changes.

Repeat a healing affirmation over and over, even if you don’t believe at first. This will raise your subconscious thinking and change your body. By repeating a verbal affirmation over and over, the subconscious mind gets the message and acts upon it. This produces a profound effect on the auras, the physical body, and the mind. If you can picture the healing within your mind, you can hold it in your hand. However, patients must picture this healing for themselves. No healer can, or should, try to force a healing on a patient who will not cooperate and take part in getting well.

In magick, a chant or spell repeated three times is considered more powerful. Repeating affirmations at least three times will amplify the desire you are sending out. The more often you say an affirmation, the stronger it gets. If you will speak an affirmation forty-nine times and hold the desired image in your mind with each affirmation, you can gain the result. For those people who don’t feel comfortable making up their own affirmations, the following list may help.

I forgive all who have done me harm and step forward into a new and better life.

Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.

I am completely healed of all disease on all levels of my body.

I am well. I am whole. I am happy.

My body, mind, and spirit are filled with healing light and energy.

I am one with God/Goddess and healed of all afflictions.

I claim complete healing and believe that it will be so.

Rest tomorrow….