The Tantric Art

The real tantric goal is transmutation of energies into higher forms.

By transmutation there is no suppression, it is rather the gentle flow of energy from the lower chakras into the higher ones.

Stimulate your sexual energy through tantric sex and rather than reaching climax keep on building sexual tension in your body.

After a while (like a couple of weeks), you start experimenting opening in all chakras. It is like the creation of an inner space and clarity.

This happens on an energy level. It is a blissful experience because it clears the mind. This is the true meaning of sexual freedom.

For most people, sexual freedom means having sex with whoever you want. Within tantric sex, sexual freedom would rather be the true freeing of sexual energy in your body. Most of the times, sexual energy is simply constricted or limited within the lower chakras. When you feel excited and engage into sex, your sexual energy tends to still be polarized in the usual energy channel.

Introducing The Tantric Art

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